to the underlying reasons for America's Prohibition years.

Over the years, I have heard from hospice staff around the country about "inner-circle parties" at some big hospices with the abuse of drugs, alcohol and casual sexual relations of all types among these rogue hospice administrators and some of their "inner circle" staff. They just do not respect traditional morality at all.

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The notice of driving prohibition must be in the prescribed form and must contain

11/01/2014 · Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), the 28th U.S

With America's economy in a man-made disastrous condition and China's government in control of vast sums, Chinese corporations acting within the U.S. are positioned to buy up several or even many sites to build Chinese cities within the United States of America. Our Congressmen as well as state leaders are allowing these plans to move forward, though during the Cold War, we would never have thought of allowing the Soviet Union to buy up sections of America. These settlements would house mostly Chinese citizens in the U.S. and can only grow with the families living here over time. While some may doubt that these are realistic threats to American sovereignty, as years pass, the real nature of these developments will become more apparent.

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In the Revised Act, what are "measures necessary to ensure the medical suitability of an organ for transplantation or therapy"? I am concerned about this because the bill states that "unless the donor's declaration (living will) expressly provides for the contrary," the proposed law "prohibits" these measures from being withheld or withdrawn from a prospective donor. A "prospective donor," according to this bill, may be someone who is "near death" and yet the organ procurement medical team can initiate measures that may actually do harm to the still living potential donor-such as increasing fluids to a head-injured patient, administering heparin and Regitine, etc., in order to "ensure the medical suitability of an organ." It is absolutely appalling to think that once a person is identified as a potential donor, organs for transplant become more important than the person to whom they belong!

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Except for those of faith, the sanctity of life is viewed as nothing more than an obscure phrase spouted by "right-wing zealots." Quality of life is almost universally promoted by those in the mainstream media, by most bureaucrats running the government, the schools and universities. If any of them were to start speaking openly about the "sanctity of life," they'd be fired for "violating the separation of church and state," something that is part of but is not part of the U.S. Constitution. , but we have no prohibition about individuals having a religious faith or expressing their reverence for each life. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence are based upon reverence for individual life.

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Terri is said to have "collapsed" with brain-injury in 1990. Medical records show that , she had marked injury to her neck and an L-1 injury to her spine, a posterior rib fracture and other injuries not explainable by simply having "collapsed." . No police attempted-homicide investigation was ever done. Nobody has ever explained why not. She was later examined to be in a "minimally-conscious state by physicians," but pro-euthanasia physician Ronald Cranford, MD conveniently declared Terri was in a persistent vegetative state which suited the agenda. Rehabilitation therapy had been forbidden for many years by order of guardian Michael Schiavo, and she was later admitted to hospice fraudulently since Terri did not meet the criteria for hospice; she was not "terminal." Her own physician testified under oath that she was in good health. Terri was not on any "life support" at all but had tube feedings.

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N.J. Supreme Court affirms patient's right to refuse life-sustaining treatment, quotes the Pope that individuals may refuse "extraordinary means;" Ct determines removing life-support of the incompetent not considered homicide (the incompetent's wishes are determined by the "surrogate" who makes decisions on his or her behalf; case encourages adoption of advance directives; Karen lives nine more years without the ventilator (tube-fed); feeding is "ordinary care" and not to be removed

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So, when the Euthanasia Society of America was formed, about 46 percent of the American public favored legalization. After World War II, support dropped precipitously. For seventy years, they have never stopped. In the 1940s and 1950s, the cultural "tides" were against the Euthanasia Society, but A Nov 2, 1946 newspaper article, "N.Y. Doctors Seek Legal Mercy Killing" tells us they kept trying. That article could have been written in 2011 just the same. The cartoon included with the story demonstrates .