My main question was " how have schools changed over time?

Recommendation: The Department of Education should determine the reason(s) for the low Chapter 1 participation rates of low-achieving children who have changed schools frequently.

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"Heterodox" schools, which reject the authority of the Vedas, are found in separate religions, like Buddhism and Jainism, or with the rare, reviled "materialists," whose own texts have all been lost.

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This crippled Chinese trade and foreign involvement; and one is left to wonder just how world history would have been different had Vasco da Gama arrived in the Indian Ocean in 1498, just 65 years later, to discover an overwhelming and technologically equal or superior Chinese naval presence.

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This may be why more is not know about the "Hundred Schools." Scholars who resisted the order were executed: 346 (or more) are supposed to have actually been buried alive [].

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It would have been terrible!

During this time, Aboriginal kids and European kids were separated and weren't allowed to go to the same school.

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Comments: The Department strongly agrees that MSRTS has outlived its usefulness and has considered other, broader and more cost-effective mechanisms for transmitting education and health records on mobile children. One such mechanism is SPEEDE/ExPRESS, which is currently being developed jointly by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the Department's National Center for Education Statistics, to facilitate the electronic transfer of student records from school to school. The Assistant Secretary for Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education met with state and local officials to announce the end of MSRTS and to examine the use of SPEEDE/ExPRESS. The Department has also funded the pilot testing of SPEEDE/ExPRESS in a few local school districts.

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Thus, there are the three yogas of the Bhagavad Gîta (, , , , , ), which are meant as classifications of all yogas, and also various yogas that are usually part of some higher order yoga: (), meditation (mentioned in the Gîta); , yogic exercises; , yogic breathing; , taking drugs (not a common or esteemed method); , chanting sacred words or phrases; , the yoga of "dissolution"; etc.