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The smoked mullet at Ted Peters is so good that I can almost forgive Peters for having added smoked salmon to the menu back in the late 1980s. But he did it for good reason. Back then, it appeared as if a mullet shortage were looming. Indeed, alarmed by dwindling counts for a variety of species-snook, sea trout, redfish-Florida voters app-roved a ban on gill netting that took effect in 1995. It spelled the end for hundreds of commercial mullet fishermen. The upside-fish stocks have rebounded, and in a big way. There are lots of mullet in the water; the Lee County Fisherman's Cooperative, on Pine Island, hauls in more than two million pounds most years.

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Learn how to catch bait, and use live bait to fish for Snook and Tarpon

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My installers were excellent to work with. They were also on my kitchen and they were absolutely wonderful to work with again. Looking forward to my next project and hope to be able to request them again. My Designer was very patient with me and helped me design a bathroom that everyone wants to copy! Mullet went to the extreme to provide customer satisfaction, and that’s why I chose to be a repeat customer. Love my kitchen & Love my bathroom. Thanks so much for taking such good care of me.

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More mullet background, before we get into the nitty-gritty of supply and demand and general, all-around mullet goodness: Mullet travel in schools, and if you spot a fish jumping in the water around here it is most likely a mullet. There's no authoritative explanation for why mullet jump so much. It could be that a predator has spooked them. It could be that it helps them clean out their gill rakes. Or it could be that mullet just like to jump.

There are lots of ways to enjoy your mullet catch: smoked, grilled, or salted, these fish are a hidden delicacy. Learn how to clean and eat mullet inside.

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There are several different species of mullet. Silver mullet and black mullet are most common in Southwest Florida, with the black favored for eating. Black mullet tend to have a slightly higher fat and oil content. Cooked fresh-and it absolutely has to be fresh because frozen mullet gets mushy and might as well be bait-mullet competes with fish that cost four and five times as much. Fried mullet is great; smoked mullet is heavenly.

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And, as a bonus, there's lots of information about fish species (and how to catch them), tackle, rigging, hiring a guide, party boats, and a list of offshore reefs and wrecks (with GPS coordinates).

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