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hello im am a 20 year old college student and im trying to buy a home. My living situation is very unstable and its making finishing my degree a struggle. I speend alot of money finding places to stay and it makes paying for my schooling harder. I dont want to drop out my its hard to maintain. My mom is a single mom and is not in a state where she can help me. Can someone assit me in findind a grant for a home

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I've been thinking a lot about developing citing/creditng skills among elementary students.

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I am currently ienrolled in school, I do get grant money, mostly loans to pay for college.. I need more grant money to help me. Can you refer me to a listing of all the grants tht I qualify for? I should be full time student, but can’t afford it, so I am finishing up goign part time… but I need more grant money for things…Help! Email me to

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Hello. I took student loans out years ago and then fell into default. Later I did consolidate the loans and tried to pay what I could. Since then, I have fallen into hard times and I cannot pay. I tried to get a forbearance and I was told we make too much money. We are are trying to save our home, pay back loans to friends and family and have nothing extra. I am now looking at 90,000 owed and 3,000 monthly payment. I am a teacher and have two teenage sons (junior and senior). I don’t know what to do and I wanted to know if there is any help out there. Thank you for your time.

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Hello my name is Laneice Overby. I used to attend Pennsylvania College of Technology. Due to financial problems and issues going on at home I had to withdrawal from my school. This all took place in 2009. In the begining my ebill stated that I owe $500, since then it has raised to $2800. My outstanding bill was then sent to a collection agency leaving me with a current balance of over $4000. Is there any help for students in my position longin to continue their education?

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I’m a first yr. college fine arts student I’m looking for college grants because our family is suffering from financial problem right now, Thank You.

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Thank you for your passion for students and literacy. Thank you for embracing the future. Thank you for giving teachers hope in the "experts" who often seem out of touch with the youth of today.

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My name is Jessica, I am a young single mom who is a full time student. I enjoy singing and playing guitar as well as writing my own music. My dream job is to be a hairstylist and that is what I will be going to college for September 2012.

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Also released with this report are two related items about freshmen:

(2:40) (December 2013)

How do today's freshmen make the critical transition from high school to college? What challenges do they face with finding and using information on their new campus? This PIL research preview highlights key findings from the 2013 PIL Freshmen Study, based on interviews with 35 freshmen from six U.S. colleges and universities. (No permission required for use of PIL videos.)

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My name is Marie Willingham and I am currently enrolled at Sam Houston State University in their Library Science Master's program. I am a third grade teacher to 43 amazing creatures of the future. I have simple question for you that might have a more complex answer. From your research with the Information Literacy Project and Big 6, how should a teacher begin teaching information literacy and what are the essentials that a modern day, 21st century student should know?