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Certainly the five motivations outlined by Lumbert affect how a person behaves in a group, but attention needs to be paid to how these motivations are inter-related.

Nature and nurture: why do boys and girls behave differently?

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I could tell he had done something wrong,” she told me

Often several labels are applied to the same people or different peoples, which adds to historic confusion, especially when the subjects use different labels or interpretations than authorities — for example: (God's People, People of God, Christ-faith) versus , , (Whips, Flagellants, self-castigators).

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Again, the purpose of this Taxonomy is to explain in detail how the misnomer was created, why it should not be used, because it is offensive and inaccurate, and to present a simple classification system of 3 unique terms for these 3 different faith groups of — , and .

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As growing up I moved around from one place to another going through different schools and different neighborhoods every year and to have friends I had to conform to the surroundings.

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How can we analyze the mass media? The method, content analysis, is used to describe and analyze in an objective and systematic way the content of literature, speeches, or media. It
helps to identify cultural themes or trends. Alone it cannot tell us whether people think or behave differently as a result of reading certain stories, but it can measure the ideas that are in

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Governments vary in how carefully they collect social statistics. Crime waves have risen and fallen merely because the crime data were recorded by different administrators. In developing nations, where many babies are born at home, birth records may be very incomplete. Wealthier nations can afford to spend more money to gather systematic data. The General Social Survey (GSS), for example, done by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) with U.S. National Science Foundation support, is an annual or biannual social survey of about 1500 Americans that was begun in 1972. It taps beliefs and opinions about public affairs, perceptions of
well-being, and reports of social behavior. Such surveys over time permit the analysis of social trends and changes. The data from surveys such as these are available on the World Wide Web to persons who want to analyze them further. NORC also publishes the "codebooks" on line, which list the questions asked, the answers given by people in the sample, and more information on the
sample design.

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They appeared to be Europeans, very different than the peasant and others from the Caucasus.

[Photo of first 34 , probably from Manchuria.]

Demens was probably afraid the most zealous non- Spiritual Christian faiths could be discriminated against or attacked by racist Americans, as the () were in Canada who marched in protest, sometimes naked.

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Coming from a different country made me also seem like I was often discriminated against just on the basis of my race, and therefore I had to find a group which was closely similar to me.

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Lumbert discussed how pressure to socialize, fit in, and conform proved to be a major motivator in the decision to engage in risky behavior and temporarily disregard the well being of ones self (Johnson & Sheets, 2004). When working in summer of 2005 I was assigned a project to do with a group of people, which in return required the team to work as a group and comply with each other so we could finish the project.