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We know that the VMH is critical for the facilitatory effects ofgonadal steroids on female sex behavior:
* if we lesion the VMH, we see reduction in lordosis
* if we ovariectomized female rats, and then give them estrogen andprogesterone implants into the VMH we can reinstate female sexbehavior; so hormones don't have to reach other parts of the brain toproduce stimulatory effect.
Hormones act at the VMH to stimulate neuronal activity over hours (inovariectomized females, estrogen injections are given over a periodof 1-2 days, followed by a single injection of progesterone whichstimulates behavior about 4 hours later).

Hormones and Behavior — Introduction

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There are variations in mechanisms that mediate ovulation.
* spontaneous ovulation: a series of hormonal events lead tothe occurrence of ovulation (humans and rats)
* induced ovulation: sexual receptivity occurs in spontaneouscycles, but ovulation does not occur without copulation (cats,rabbits, ferrets)
* induced estrus and ovulation: both behavioral estrus andovulation are induced by specific stimuli (prairie voles & muskshrew; unique in requirement for androgens)

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You wanted hormone balance made simple, you got it! Dr. John Lee's work compiled by Virginia Hopkins into an easy-to-read and understandable book for women who just want the straight scoop.

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Professor Simon Baron Cohen, a psychologist and Director of the Autism Research Center at Cambridge University, has a special inter­est in male/female brain types, particularly in relation to autism, and wanted to find out whether levels of testosterone in the womb affected behavior. Luckily, the University hospital is a regional center for amniocentesis (a procedure in which fluid is taken from the amniotic sac for analysis) and once the necessary tests had been done, it was their policy to freeze the remainder of the sample. Baron Cohen and his team contacted women whose samples were still in the deep freeze, who now had toddlers and were happy to bring them in for an assessment of their behavior. The researchers found that the higher the levels of prenatal testosterone in the amniotic fluid, the less eye contact the toddlers made, and the smaller their vocabulary. These toddlers were seen again when they were four years old. By this time, those children that had had the highest level of pre­natal testoerone had lower social skills and more restricted interests than those who had had lower levels of testosterone in their bath of amniotic fluid.

Role of Hormones in Human Sexuality

If you have PCOS, you can use 15 to 20 mg of progesterone cream daily for the last two weeks of your cycle. The disappearance of facial hair and acne are usually obvious signs that hormones are becoming balanced, but to see these results, you’ll need to give the treatment at least six months, in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. If your symptoms fade, try gradually easing off the progesterone (take half the dose, for example) and see how it goes. If your symptoms return, stay on the full dose for six more months. Ideally, as a young woman you would use the progesterone cream only during the months you need it, and encourage your body to return to its own normal hormonal rhythms as much as possible. Some women with many damaged follicles may always need to supplement with a little bit of progesterone cream.

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Fetal testosterone clearly affects the brain in some way and there­fore influences behavior for the rest of the baby’s life. In a nutshell, the more you have in the womb, the more of a systemizer you are; the less you have, the more of an empathizer you are. While of course baby boys produce more testosterone, baby girls also pro­duce it, some almost to the levels of the least producing boys. Both sexes are subjected to the hormonal environment in the mother, which is yet another source of testosterone (and indeed oestrogen). In addition to the mother’s natural levels of testosterone (which vary from woman to woman), more may come from other sources.

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First, it is important to realize that steroid receptors arelocalized within specific areas of the brain. This localization isimportant for understanding that specific parts of the brain mediatefemale sex behavior.