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A scholar and a loyal friend to Hamlet, Horatio acts as one of Hamlet’s many character foils, meaning his characteristics contrast to Hamlet highlighting certain personality traits and allowing the reader to understand Hamlet.

Hamlet reinforces the significance of loyalty.

In Shakespeare's Hamlet honor and loyalty play a large role in the way that this ...
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But his loyalty to King and Prince Hamlet is limited.

Hamlet dallies in his purposes until the occasion is lost, then goes back into thoughtlessness again. His pathological grief devours his ability to maintain leadership. Shakespeare depicts a tragic hero who desires honor and loyalty, but can not take vengeance into his own hands. His Christian teachings interfere with his loyalty and ultimately lead to his death. It isn’t until the end that Hamlet finally discovers his love, Ophelia, has died. This loss strikes a tinge of honor and Hamlet finally steps up to battle. He pulls himself together quickly in battle and dies with dignity for the sake of family honor and love.

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Laertes and King Claudius conspire to kill Hamlet. Laertes wants to battle Hamlet at any price; however, this rebellious state of mind darkens his ability to view the mastermind behind the scene--Claudius. Laertes and Hamlet speak before their dual and Hamlet begs for pardon in his wrongful doings. Laertes says he holds no grudges on a personal level, but his reputation is at stake. It appears that Laerte’s ego is larger than his honor. The unwholesome acts that proceed the King’s plot against Hamlet, not only result in Hamlet‘s death, but backfire into his own death and that of his loved ones. The truth explodes and Laertes is finally affected by his own conscience and is able to salvage himself through his confession to Hamlet prior to his death. Shakespeare leads the journey towards self-discovery in each character’s perception of honor.

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Hamlet :: essays papers In Shakespeare's tragic epic Hamlet, one man is torn between loyalty of his new king or the revenge ...

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Laertes clears his guilt by confessing, obtaining Hamlet's forgiveness, and revealing that the King put him up to it.

— Claudius kills Gertrude by allowing her to drink from the cup of poisoned wine intended for Hamlet.

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Hamlet's actions towards his former friends lacked both respect (in that he caused them harm unnecessarily) and caring (in that he didn't forgive them).

7. Who acts more unethically toward the other, Hamlet or Laertes?

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Before his aborted voyage to England, Hamlet spends the majority of the play (between the first scene of the second act and the fifth scene of the fourth act) deciding what to do about his dead father's command to avenge his "foul and most unnatural murder." Although Hamlet believes that revenge upon his uncle is the morally correct thing to do, and that revenge is required by familial loyalty, he still finds many excuses to delay....