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The Holocaust—the alleged extermination of some six million Jews (most of them by gassing)—is a hoax and should be recognized as such by Christians and all informed, honest and truthful men everywhere.

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However, strongsupport for Israel within the United States reinforced this view of theHolocaust.

The Holocaust was a tragic event

Not only will no questions be tolerated, but anyone who dares to ask such questions will be slandered and viciously attacked."

Now, as someone who believes that part of being human is to learn something new every day, I respond: "How dare you tell me there will be no more learning?" The establishment that maintains the Holocaust story on life support admits that there is no direct proof of homicidal gassings.

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This is a video that will make you ask—"Just how much of the 'Holocaust' story can we believe?"—as you learn of falsified "proofs" and deceptive claims about "gas chambers," not from the mouths of Holocaust "revisionists" but inthe words of one of the most knowledgeable and ardent supporters of the orthodox "Holocaust" story.

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As long as the Holocaust centers exclusively on the Jewish people, itreaffirms in the world consciousness the necessity to maintain theJewish state of Israel, so an atrocity such as the Holocaust will neverhappen again to their people.

Almost nineteen months after this event, U-505’s luck changed

I learned this lesson in high school, and since then have repeatedly discovered how the majority of scholars, even within our churches, can be in error.

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In May, Nazis under the direction of SS Lt. Colonel Adolf Eichmann boldlybegan a mass deportation of the last major surviving population of EuropeanJews. From May 15 to July 9, over 430,000 Hungarian Jews were deportedto Auschwitz. During this time, Auschwitz recorded its highest-ever dailynumber of persons killed and cremated at just over 9000. Six huge openpits were used to burn the bodies, as the number of dead exceeded the capacityof the crematories.

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The [US government's] Office of Special Investigation is using the Holocaust as an excuse to force from the United States even such a reputable person as the scientist Arthur Rudolph.

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If not, millions of non-Jews will have diedwithout a record in history, and the Holocaust will never be anaccurate portrayal of the actual historical event.

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Their only defense against the facts is to cry out "antisemitic," "Skinhead" or "Nazi," whereas the majority of those who question the Holocaust are ordinary citizens...though you would never know it from the media.

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The Soviets themselvesplayed a role in omitting their people as victims of the Holocaust, forin revealing their people as victims, they would also have to accountfor their own role in the deaths of so many millions of their ownpeople.