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The difference between the life of American Indians and the life of perhaps even a "day labourer" in Locke's England is not a difference in but a difference in .

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John Locke And Thomas Hobbes Concept Comparison Philosophy Essay

His famous Leviathan concerns the structure of society and legitimate government and is said to be the most influential examples of the social contract theory

Hobbes and the Enlightenment

an English philosopher and physician known as “The Father of Classical Liberalism”

his works expressed the scientific, mathematical, and philosophical ideas that shaped the Enlightenment
John Locke
They both believe that the world has opposing forces ex: good and evil

They both favor monarchy as the best form of government to run the people

Both believe in the Social Contract Theory

Both philosophers laid the groundwork of theenlightenment and their ideas were the basis of the Declaration of Independence

Both considered the role of government in promoting the general welfare of an individual and protecting the rights of that individual
Thomas Hobbes and John Locke

the people give up their absolute freedom to the government and the people received the protection they needed of themselves

this allowed them to pursue a better life

all is under the idea of an absolute monarchy to control the natural impulses of man

Hobbes Social Contract

greatly influenced the democracy of colonies

believed government should promote general welfare of an individual and protect the rights of an individual

created the “social contract” to protect those rights

Hobbes on Colonial Self- Government

an english philosopher knownfor his political philosophies

his works emphasized the nature of knowledge, language, and humanity

views shaped by English Civil War
Thomas Hobbes

Hobbes's social contract gave up the absolute freedom of the people to the gov.

humans need an absolute government to control their impulses

he believed in the social contract theory

humans are creatures that need to be controlled while their rights are protected
Hobbes and Ideas of Liberty

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Most of us can tell the difference between dreams and perception, or being in the fire as opposed to remembering it, but Locke does not even consider the problem of hallucinations, which can seem as real as any other perception.

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