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Over the past few years, international observers in NaziGermany had witnessed an incredible chain of events including: the revolutionary-likeseizure of power in January 1933; the mysterious Reichstag fire in February;the anti-Jewish boycott in April; book burnings in May; wild street violenceby the Brownshirts; heard rumors of concentration camps; knew about the(already infamous) Gestapo; witnessed the blood purge of June 1934; andobserved the emperor-like ascension of Hitler as Führer.

as well as the period just before Hitler’s seizure of power.

Significance of the Night of the Long Knives for Hitler's Power ..
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According to Hitler, human beings are to be divided into so-called racial categories based on physical appearance; eye color, hair, etc. Additionally there was to be an establishment of higher and lower classes. For Hitler and his followers the German man with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes was the epitome of humanity. This description of the perfect man would later be known as an Aryan (Gavin, 1996). The Nazis taught that the Aryan man was not only perfect physically (in strength and power) but also mentally as all things produced within the realm of the arts, sciences, and technology were the end result of the work produced by German men. It is also important to note here that only German men were considered perfect human beings because, while German women could be perfect physically, they were inferior to German men and so they were expected to be obedient and to serve as perfect wives and mothers.


The most influential profit makes form a partnership with the Fascist politicians for the complete control of the state so that the power of police and soldiers may be used to punish all dissenters.” (Miller, p.74) Politically, Hitler associated inequality with Communism, and implemented new policies, such as greater pension and less unemployment, to attract more people, even communists when they saw such better opportunities....

The Nazi party rose to power because of the setting of Germany at the time and the people involved in the movement.
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In 1933, while Einstein was heading back to Germany to begin planning his move to America, Nazi storm troopers ransacked Einstein's Berlin apartment and eventually seized his home, and declared that Einstein was an enemy of the state. Einstein never returned to Germany. Although Einstein was the world's most celebrated scientist, American groups were trying to prevent Einstein's migration, most particularly the Women's Patriot Corporation, which labeled Einstein, "a Communist and menace to American institutions," and part of a conspiracy to take over the world. There was a rumored Nazi-sponsored $5,000 price on Einstein's head, and he hid out in England for a few weeks before coming to the USA to stay.

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This topic will end with what Noam Chomsky said on this issue, from a "rational" perspective. Chomsky said that in the area of warfare, for instance, those in society that look at the violence and atrocities with clinical detachment, equanimity, and apathy bear a great burden of responsibility for Hitler and others like him coming into power. Hitler could not appear on the scene if it were not for the complacent acquiescence and complicity of the masses. It is easy to blame the Hitlers and Husseins of the world, and much more difficult to stop shuffling along with the herd, helping to create the herd that is so easily manipulated.

Adolph Hitler's theory of education analyzed into eight factors.

After the disaster at Stalingrad in 1942-1943, any thinking Nazi foresaw how the war would end. General Reinhard Gehlen had been planning his surrender to the USA since the autumn of 1944, and perhaps earlier. Gehlen copied and buried the Nazi intelligence files on the Soviet Union. On May 22, 1945, Gehlen surrendered to an American Counterintelligence Corps team. Gehlen's surrender demonstrates how fractious governments can be, with various groups vying for power. According to the Yalta agreements, Gehlen and his men were supposed to be turned over to the Soviets, while the Soviets were finding and returning American POWs during its advance on Berlin. In addition, many in the American military and governmental hierarchy were extremely hostile to the idea of making any deals with Nazis. Gehlen, however, found himself in the middle of a power struggle in the emerging American intelligence field. The CIA was not formed until 1947. At the end of World War II, there were two rival intelligence organizations, the Office of Strategic Services ("OSS") and military intelligence. The OSS and military intelligence would engage in a power struggle that culminated in founding the CIA.