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They had aspirations of success, prosperity and their own conception of the American Dream. The majority of the immigrants believed that their lives would completely change for the better and the new world would bring nothing but happiness. Advertisements that appeared in Europe offered a bright future and economic stability to these naive and hopeful people. Jobs with excellent wages and working conditions, prime safety, and other benefits seemed like a chance in a lifetime to these struggling foreigne...

grew into a mass movement and ruled Germany through totalitarian ..

In 1848 a revolutionary movement failed to unify Germany under a democratic government.
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By 1933 the party had gained control over the entire German state and the ideas, propaganda, and doctrines of National Socialism were written in Hitler's Mein Kampf (My Struggle) ....

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Russia was left out of the treaty conference due to the German-Russian truce signed when Lenin took office.
Russia lost more land claims than any other country, losing land that created the countries of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and parts of Lithuania and much of Poland.
Democratic government set up in Russia following WWI quickly led to civil war between those who supported communism and those who supported democracy.

The position of France was weak, and it needed United States aid too much to oppose American and British wishes to see a healthy West German economy.
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The government invested 70 billion dollars to boost East Germany's battered economy, and on July 1, the West German mark became the sole legal tender.

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Dear Europeans, We want to remember that the EU primary task is to stop a continental war from ever happening again. After WW2, WW1 and do not forget the the French madness with the Nepolean’s wars ! Is the EU run by Corpratists? Yes. Is Russia run by oligarchs headed by Putin? Yes. Has Russia avoided or started wars with in ancient European borders like Georgia? No. Has EU started any wars within the continent of Europe? No. The wars between Serbia and its nieghbours was not started by Russia or the EU. If Serbia wants peace then its best chance is either going it alone although Serbia then has to worry about large powers bulling it, like Belarus and Georgia have been bullied and risk war or it can go with the EU and the worst that can happen is that if years latter Serbia gets sick of the EU it can leave peacefully. Corpratism and the thieving banking criminals are a cancer through tout the world not just the EU. Just because Serbia dose not join the EU will not mean Serbia will not end up run by Corpratist banking thieves. Look at Iceland who were not in the EU and their corpratised banks broke the Icelandic economy during the GFC and these Icelandic thieves triggered The Soverign Debt Crisis in Europe because they owed billions to the Bank Of Scotland and other Ducth banks! If there is a GFC in EU there will be no war. If there is GFC in Russian Custom Union there will be war. This is the difference. If you do not believe me look at history. The France economy was collapsing when the France revolution happened bringing the dictator Napolean to power, the Austrian-Hungarian economy was collapsing when the fight over Serbia triggered the First World War, Russia’s economy was broken by WW1 and brought revolution and Lenin that started a war right across the Russian Empire and finally economic collapse in Germany gave us the dictator Hitler and WW2. In all but Russia’s civil war between the Whites and the Reds Serbia has suffered war this time Serbia gets to choose its future. Choose wisely.

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John I never said that Russia and China are Serbia’s loyal friends. They have good relations with us now because it is in their interests. Just like it is in our interests to have good relations with them. Whether you want to call it ass licking or simply coexisting with states which are more powerful than us, Serbia has done very well when it had a good diplomatic cornerstone, like in the 19th century when it balanced things out between the Ottomans, the Austrians and the Russians, walking a fine line with all three of them. It did the same thing during most of the Cold War under Yugoslavia. The moment we decided to have delusions of grandeur and be the ones who would “stand up to America” and show them how we weren’t going to play along, well that was in a nutshell the Milosevic era and it was an unmitigated disaster. Even a country like the US cannot make it alone and without balancing off alliances between China, Europe and to some degree Russia. Serbia has absolutely no choice being surrounded by EU members and candidates than to acceede to it and work within the framework of EU’s institutions to achieve its goals there, aided of course by our partnerships with Moscow and Beijing.