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Anarchists espousing belief in the "propaganda of the deed" produced some striking successes, assassinating heads of state from Russia, France, Spain, Italy, and the United States.

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However, their lack of organization and refusal to cooperate with other social movements in political efforts rendered anarchists ineffective as a political movement.

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Historians talked about terrorism and the concept of terrorism throughout history. The scholars are all contributors to , a reference book which begins with Ancient Greece and concludes with essays on international terror.

While the meaning of the word terror itself is clear, when it is applied to acts and actors in the real world it becomes confused.

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Changes in the tactics and techniques of terrorists have been significant, but even more significant are the growth in the number of causes and social contexts where terrorism is used.

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Special interest groups include people on the radicalfringe of many legitimate causes; e.g., people who useterrorism and extremism to uphold antiabortion views, animal rights,radical environmentalism.

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Early Origins of Terrorism: 14th -18th Century
From the time of the Assassins (late 13th century) to the 1700s, terror and barbarism were widely used in warfare and conflict , but key ingredients for terrorism were lacking.

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The attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on September 11 confirmed that terrorism had acquired a new face. Terrorists were now engaged in a campaign of suicide and mass murder on a huge scale. Previously it had been possible to believe that there were limits beyond which even terrorists would not go. After the thousands of deaths on September 11, it was evident that at least one group would stop at nothing.

9/11 remains a date which lives in infamy

Terrorism was not always like this. Its history is as much European as Middle Eastern, and as much secular as religious. Far from being wilfully indiscriminate, it was often pointedly discriminate. Yet there are some common threads that can be traced through the history of terrorism. What happened on September 11 was a sinister new twist in an old story of fascination with political violence.