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: An excellent exhibit on the overall history of NASA's efforts to develop communications satellites with images and discussions of individual projects.

The radio has been the first device to allow for mass communication

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Future History - Atomic Rockets

Each satellite will be launched on an Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV)—the first launch is planned for April of this year.

The AEHF Satellite Communications System will augment and replace the Milstar constellation, improve DoD EHF capability, and enable Transformational Communications and Network-Centric Warfare.

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Global, secure, survivable satellite communications

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

A2100 line

Approximately 14,500 lbs at launch, 9,000 lbs on-orbit

22,300 Miles (geosynchronous)

Onboard signal processing, crossbanded EHF/SHF communications

2 SHF Downlink Phased Arrays, 2 Crosslinks, 2 Uplink/Downlink Nulling Antennas, 1 Uplink EHF Phased Array, 6 Uplink/Downlink Gimbaled Dish Antenna, 1 Each Uplink/Downlink earth coverage horns

Data rates from 75 bps to approximately 8 Mbps



Delta IV and Atlas V EELVs

3 satellites ordered

Approximately $580 Million per satellite

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MILSATCOM Joint Program Office SMC/MC
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History of the US high-altitude SIGINT system – …
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satellite-to-satellite relay communication via AO-7; ..

the first of the Block I development satellites is launched

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