Jerusalem, aglow with the presence of God (Isa.

Sheikh Abd-al-Aziz Bin Baz, the most promi¬nent religious scholar and authority in Saudi Arabia, argues that "the Palestinian problem is an Islamic problem first and last" and that the Muslims "must fight an Islamic jihad against the Jews until the land returns to its owners."13
Because of its significance to Muslims and Islamists alike, Jerusalem assumes political significance to rulers and governments that wish to enhance their religious legitimacy.

Indeed, Jerusalem is the heart of Palestine.

The size and clarity of the letters make the discovery important, they said.

Jerusalem is the cradle of religions and the shelter of prophets ...

The Church — the body of Christ, or the community of believers in Christ — is an earthly reflection of the spiritual entity in heavenly Jerusalem.7
Christians envision Jerusalem as the place foretold of salvation in and through Jesus Christ.

“Holy Places.”9. Werblowsky, The Meaning of Jerusalem, p.

That is, Christians recognize in their faith the long history of the people of God, with Jerusalem as its center, as the history of salvation that fulfills God’s design in and through Jesus Christ.

During Jerusalem's Islamic period, the Chapel of the Ascension was converted into a mosque.

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This event is mentioned in the Koran in the first verse of chapter 17, "Glory be to Him, who carried His servant by night from the Holy Mosque to the Further Mosque the precincts of which We have blessed, that we might show him some of our signs."2
In the nocturnal journey, according to Muslim tra¬dition, Muhammad was transported one night on a winged horse from Mecca to Jerusalem where he led Abraham, Moses, and Jesus in a prayer.

The Spiritual Significance of Jerusalem

Thought by Jews to be where God created man, the mount is visited by thousands of followers annually.

Other spiritual landmarks and historical monuments not to be missed in Jerusalem include the Virgin Mary's Tomb, where the tomb attributed to the mother of Christ lies protected below a church and the Chapel of the Ascension, thought to be where Christ rose to heaven.

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716 Hezekiah, king of Jerusalem, with help of God and the prophet Isaiahresists Assyrians attempt to capture Jerusalem. (2 Chronicles 32). Wellsand springs stopped up.

The Book of Revelations proclaims the anticipation of the new, heavenly Jerusalem (Rev.

A Short Chronology of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

August 1 Jerusalem police take on the maintenance of public order atthe holy places in the Old City at the request of Moslem and Christian authoritieswho claim of improper behavior by visitors at the Church of the Holy Sepulcherand the Temple Mount.

But despite its religious significance, Jerusalem was never the capital of Islam.

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Visitors can access the beautiful Tomb of the Virgin Mary via 50 steps, which also provide passage to the resting site of Queen Melisende and a chapel built in commemoration of Mary's parents.
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The largest synagogue in the city of Jerusalem, the Belz Synagogue has a capacity to hold 6,000 worshippers and features a ritual bath, a Yeshivah and a Rabbinical court, making it one of the city's most prestigious Jewish landmarks and sites of worship.

It becomes the image and symbol of the Promised Land — heavenly Jerusalem.

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Only a small number of ancient official Latin inscriptions have been discovered in archaeological excavations throughout the country and in Jerusalem in particular.