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Fehr, Heinrich (1846-1911 and Sarah Neufeld (1847-1922)
This is an account of the descendants of the above named persons with background
information about beginnings in Holland and Prussia. Extensive genealogy records
are provided.

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This is, of course, not too surprising, given the problems with Indian historiography.

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The story of Adams' advent in Japan was fictionalized by James Clavell in the very popular historical novel [1976], later a television mini-series [1980] with Richard Chamberlain and Toshirô Mifune.

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Just as the Holy Roman Empire retained few of the characteristics that we might otherwise associate with "empire," except for claims of universal authority, the Japanese adopted Imperial Chinese titles and ideology, not because their monarchy or their country had many similarities in "historical circumstances" or structure to China, but because the Japanese could not see their monarchy as being any less exalted in authority and status than that of China.

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Penner, Franz and Sarah Buhler -
Family History of Franz Penner (1850-1906) and Sarah Buhler (1853-1935).
There is an excellent historical background of Mennonites in Russia and
extensive genealogical records.

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We have frustratingly little in the way of historical documents about this business, but when we do get an account, as with Fa-Hsien, we realize how routine the communication was (with understandable hazards and misadventures).

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After Frederick William and the Swedes defeated the Poles at Warsaw in 1656, his authority in Prussia was secured; but then, after the Polish speaking Elector actually became an ally of Poland in 1658, Brandenburger arms would be historically vindicated at Fehrbellin.

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It is certainly representative of the problems with Indian history that its own historical era dates an unknown event in a period, long after the beginning of Indian history, that itself is all but innocent of dates and historical evidence.Simultaneously with the descent of Sakas into India, (Pahlavas) or Suren appear from the west, and some of them become established in India independent (or not) of the Parthian King.

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Teichroeb, Jacob H. Diary (1915-1926)
This is a translation of the diary by his son, Jacob, spanning the years 1915-1926 beginning
in Orenburg, Russia, to the time of leaving for Canada.
The original is found in 989.2- Individual Histories.

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Teichrob Family Story - The Last Journey
By Henry Teichrob - Library - (Biography section)
This book briefly tells the story of the Mennonites placing their genesis into their
European historical setting. The story of the Teichrob family begins in the 1880s and
proceeds from Prussia to Russia and on to Canada.

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Sudermans from Alexanderthal, The: 1848-2011
Compiled and edited by Victor P. Suderman. Subtitled: "A book of Personal and Family
Stories, Portraits, Photos, and Genealogy." Large glossy paperback. Story of Russian
Mennonites. Replete with b/w photos, genealogies, and brief life stories. Some short
histories supplement the book. Published by Victor Suderman, Edmonton, 2011. 257 pp.