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The movement first started in the 1970s during the hippie movement in which consumers began to express concern for the preservation of the environment (Jenkins and Kähler).

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The hippie movement, as it was commonly called, began as a youth movement in 1960’s America.

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westof Albany, many hippies in the area which is at the base of the Adirondackmountains. Hemp fests, music fests, and some down to earth peoplehave been a part of recent Fulton county history. Check out Johnstown,Gloversville, Ephratah, or Caroga Lake. Dank Budz 2 b found!!

Who were the hippies and exactly what was the hippie movement

They revolted against society, and abandoned traditional customs, lifestyles, and society to form there own.

They lived in small groups and communes, shared possessions, and sexual relations and also believed in "Just going with the flow"...

They strongly opposed the American involvement in the Vietnam War and wanted there to be peace How did Hippies influence our culture today?

This generation of liberals brought about one of the most history defining social movements.

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King a voting rights campaign in Selma, Alabama

Feb 21, 1965 – Malcolm X was assassinated

Mar 8, 1965 – Over 3,000 American soldiers were sent to South Vietnam

Sep 5, 1965 – For the first time used the term “hippie”

Mar 25, 1966 – Anti-Vietnam war protests

Oct 1966 – Black Panther Party founded in Oakland, California

1967 – Timothy Leary organized a Human Be-In in San Francisco

Jan 14, 1967 – Human Be-In in San Francisco in Golden Gate Park

June 16-18, 1967 – Monterey Pop Festival

July 14, 1967 - Summer of Love in San Francisco

1968 – American Indian Movement founded

Jan 16, 1968 ­– Youth International Party, or “yippies,” established

Jan 31, 1968 – Tet Offensive

Feb 1968 – Beatles visited Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India

Mar 16, 1968 - My Lai Massacre; American troops had killed 350 South Vietnamese civilians

Apr 4, 1968 – Martin Luther King Jr.

who briefly called themselves hippies were a spiritual movement.

With drugs,well, let's just say, music can be a religious experience. To explain the impact of music as a social phenomenon, we need to goback before the hippies to the Civil Rights Movement.

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College-aged men and women throughout the United States adopted an entirely new belief system and way of life; this cultural phenomenon would soon become known as the hippie movement....

The hippie movement began in America in the mid 1960s

The hippies’ solutions to the problems of institutionalized American society were to either participate in mass protests with their alternative lifestyles and radical beliefs or drop out of society completely....

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We've already got too many yuppies, most of whom were still hippiesbefore they moved here and got a job teaching at the Jane Goodall Instituteor Nuclear Environmental Research group or something similar in town, soI guess they're okay."

Amherst, Massachuesetts - "Home to the annual "Extravaganja"festival, Amherst residents are about to vote on a decriminalization ofmarijuana referendum.