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(It should be no surprise that popular social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube favour low-context communications, given they orginated in the U.S., a highly individualistic society.)

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Our study shows that a diet containing a high amount of soluble fiber, as compared with a diet high in insoluble fiber, reduced plasma LDL cholesterol and apolipoprotein B levels. Part of the value of soluble fiber may be in replacing saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet. However, even after dietary saturated fat and cholesterol have been reduced, a further reduction in blood lipid levels can result from the consumption of foods high in soluble fiber. These data therefore support current recommendations to increase the consumption of soluble-fiber foods in the context of a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet.

In low-context cultures, such as those found in..

Total, LDL, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and triglyceride were measured in fresh plasma after ultracentrifugal flotation into fractions with densities of ≤ 1.006 and >1.006 g per milliliter on the day of collection. Quality-control procedures were followed as described in the Manual of Laboratory Operations of the Lipid Research Clinics. Apolipoproteins AI and B were measured by nephelometry at the end of the study in serum stored at -70 °C. The average within-run coefficients of variation, as determined in seven runs with six replicates per run for each of three pools, were 3.36 percent for apolipoprotein AI (range, 3.04 to 3.54) and 2.74 percent for apolipoprotein B (range, 1.82 to 2.91). Serum samples from each subject were analyzed in a single batch. Lipoprotein(a) was measured with a commercial enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (Terumo, Elkton, Md.).

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Raymond comes from a high-context culture. On the low-high communications context continuum, he’s over on the high side. When he interacts with others, In Real Life, he defaults to his high-context cultural norms.

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A low-context (LC) culture is one in which people are highly individualised, somewhat alienated, and fragmented, and there is relatively little involvement with others. As a consequence, social hierarchy, as well as society in general, imposes less on individuals’ lives, and communication between people is more explicit and nonpersonal.

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From my online mediator/facilitator lens, in x-cultural contexts, and assuming language is not a barrier – synchronous channels of communication offer more potential (vs asynchronous) to address high-context communication requirements.

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Macduff makes the point about high-context communicators (in online world) needing to use more communication signals, to create the context of connection that is otherwise absent.

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So, how can you, as virtual conversation conductor, move the needle back to a more high-context form of communications, to enable effective communications with Raymond?