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,,,and you'll have to read this from bottom up,,,We got the go ahead for the at-home visit to use the bus for transportation from the senior Sr Center. We now have to get the coordination of time between the facility and the senior centers bus schedule for home visit. He has his chair there and it will not fit in our car so the Sr Center said we could use the bus to pick him up and take him back from the house. The timing Part has to be when there is a licensed PT person available. We are hoping this will be week after next. Keep fingers crossed.Bill has passed his first test to get home. Yesterday he was able to get in and out of the car with just a little help. Now we are trying to get the home visit set up. Nothing seems to go very fast there. We are hoping Bill will be home in a couple of weeks. He has been working hard to get out of there.I know it has been awhile since I have sent an update. It's been 5 weeks and Bill is still in rehab. He has made gains but not enough to come home yet. They haven't called another meeting but the therapists say he is doing well but it will take time. They are working on him getting up buy himself and to turn And sit on the bed. He is working hard on all his exercises and is slowly gaining upper body strength back.,,,Update on Bill. He is feeling good,but has to gain some strength back from being almost a week in bed. He is in a rehab facility called Greenbriar,55 HarrisRd. Nashua, NH. Room 157. He will be there for a little while. We haven't been given any time line yet. He has PT, OT, and speech therapist mainly to work on recognitive techniques. They have only been working with him on week. Visiting hrs. Are any time.,,,,Bill is doing great. Memory has been coming back. They did an MRI tonight to compare with past one. They have finally found empty bed on a regular floor and moved him out of ICU. I think he is being moved tomorrow to a rehab place called Greenbria in NH.,,,,,,I'm (his wife Joan) sitting in intensive care at Mass General. Bill had some seizures late Mon afternoon. Was med flighted from Ayer to Mass. General Medical. They have ruled out stroke but are still puzzled about the cause. He had a UTI, so they are leaning towards, that it could be the cause but are trying to rule out any other causes. He is sitting up and much more alert today, but still confused. Will up date when we know more.

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Sorry I won't be at the reunion but life sometimes gets in the way. I will miss all of you and hope that you miss me too. The years are flying by. We had two high school graduations this year. We now have three grands in college. When did I get so old? Our oldest is at Indiana University Pennsylvania(IUP) and is on the swim team.(Alex),Noah is at George Mason and Emily is at Hofstra. Our two grand daughters, who are in high school, play soccer and are both on their state Olympic Development teams. Great fun to watch, except when they play against each other. Our two youngest grand sons are in middle school and are just boys!! Those of you with boys know what I mean. John and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with our whole family. They rented a beach house on the outer banks that held all 15 of us and planned the whole week. John and I renewed our vows on the beach surrounded by our whole family. I think it was better than the first one. We gave been going to Florida for the last several years. This year we will be on Sanibel for a month. If anyone does a Florida reunion please let me know. We will be there the last week in February and the first three weeks in March. Hopefully we can get together then. Have a great reunion!!??????,,,
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers. What started out on July 6th as a cough, went to Xrays, blood tests, CT scan, pnuemonia, biopsy and then a lobectomy for lung cancer and then of course the inevitable staph infection. The good news!!!!! they seem to have gotten it all, he's home and in pretty good spirits. He would love to hear from you and you can do that by emailing him at Our every best to you Wally.

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Let’s say, for example, your business is a little more complex. This typically involves what safety professionals call “increased exposure.” Classic high-exposure categories include driving vehicles of any type, work at heights, confined spaces, high-energy sources, chemicals and hazardous substances, and strenuous manual labor.

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High school teachers help prepare students for life after graduation. They teach academic lessons and various skills that students will need to attend college and to enter the job market.

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