Hyde was Jekyll's attempt to become young and strong again.

This story focuses more on how Jekyll's own self-hatred and mental issues played a key role in Hyde's creation and how this manifests in their relationship.

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The pair can communicate - Jekyll sees Hyde in mirrors, and omnipresent in his subconscious.

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Henry Jekyll, who is explicitly stated to be capable of both good and evil, deliberately created Edward Hyde for a selfish purpose and actually enjoyed what his darker side brought out until a murder was committed.

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The reveal that he is Jekyll's inner darkness incarnate implies that what they were picking up on was that Hyde is and that this was emanating from him in some way.

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Jekyll is already married, his obsession with his work leads his wife to cheat on him with their best friend, and Hyde decides to frame Jekyll for his crimes to force his hand and let him stay in control forever.

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At the end of his letter, Jekyll writes that he soon will change into Hyde permanently, and thus his life will end.The book can be read online for free .There have been several adaptations and parodies of this book.

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When they break into the room they find Hyde, having committed suicide by poison, and two letters explaining everything.Jekyll had been trying to invent a which could separate his good and evil sides.

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When a girl is brutally attacked late one night, her attacker, calling himself Mr Edward Hyde, buys off the witnesses with a cheque for a small fortune, signed by the eminently respectable Doctor Henry Jekyll.Jekyll's friend and legal advisor, Gabriel John Utterson, is disturbed when he learns this, since Jekyll has recently made Hyde his heir.

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This is explained as being because Jekyll never indulged in his evilness before, so his evil side is "underdeveloped." Hyde is, however, very dangerous, and grows in stature the more he's out.

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The comic depicts Hyde as a huge, monstrously strong humanoid, which Hyde himself explains - separated into distinct individuals, Jekyll grows weak and frail without Hyde's passion, while Hyde grows in power without Jekyll's morals to limit him.

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This version is also notable for its length, at two hours long, and stays close to the book in many respects, including Jekyll staying Hyde after death.