pro = "publicly" and testari = "to bear witness" (protest).

Spreading the ideas of the Reformation in England led to emergence of the Church of England. Pursuant to the Act suprematiyi "in 1534 it was headed by King Henry VIII Tudor.

Why did Religion change a lot during the Tudor Times?

There were major changes in the church during the reign of the Tudor king and queens.

Church services were held in Latin.

Elizabeth wanted England to have peace and not be divided over religion. She tried to find ways which both the Catholic and Protestant sides would accept and be happy. She did not call herself the Head of the Church of England, instead she was know as the 'Supreme Governor of the English Church'.

The English Church is split from Rome

In 1537, Henry commissioned Hans Holbein the Younger tocreate a mural of the Tudor dynasty to commemorate the birth of his son andheir, Edward. It was the only mural which Holbein made in England. It originallyoccupied an entire wall in Whitehall Palace, which had been designated theofficial residence of the monarch just a year earlier. The mural was destroyedduring a palace fire in 1698. Luckily, King Charles II had already commissioneda small copy thirty years before by the Flemish artist van Leemput.

Why did Henry VIII break with Rome?

Why did Henry VIII establish the Church of England?

King Henry VIII declared himself supreme head of a new Church of England. This marked the start of centuries or religious conflict in Britain.

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,unknown artist. This beautiful portrait shows the king placing a ring uponhis right hand, a symbol of his devout piety. to view another version of the same portrait.

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When came to the throne, he was a devout Catholic and defended the Church against Protestants. Henry VIII did not agree with their views.

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Henry VIII broke with Rome because the pope in Rome would not grant him a divorce with his wife, Catherine of Aragon, because divorce was against church policy.

Henry's son Edward was given Protestant teachers and brought up as a strict protestant.

Elizabeth was raised as a Protestant.

There is a public perception, especially in the United States, that Henry VIII created the Anglican church in anger over the Pope's refusal to grant his divorce, but the historical record indicates that Henry spent most of his reign challenging the authority of Rome, and that the divorce issue was just one of a series of acts that collectively split the English church from the Roman church in much the same way that the Orthodox church had split off five hundred years before.

Catholics were treated very badly and catholic bishops were locked up.

Church services were changed back to English.

Under Queen (1558-1603), England was again a Protestant nation. It was under Elizabeth that the Anglican church (Church of England) became firmly established and dominant. However, Elizabeth did her best to sort out the problem of religion.

. This anonymous engraving is an unattractive but accurate portrayal of Henry in his mid-50s.

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When the Pope refused to grant Henry VIII a divorce from , Henry split off the English Church from the Roman church. Rather than the pope, the king would be the spiritual head of the English church. (Reformation)