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The heart is a muscle. It follows the same rules as any other muscle, except the results are more dramatic and life extinguishing. Calcium and magnesium control the heartbeat. Calcium tenses the heart muscle; magnesium relaxes the heart muscle. The heart's pumping motion is the alternating of this tensing and relaxing action. With a correct balance of calcium and magnesium, the heart beats in a consistent manner. With a deficiency of magnesium the heartbeat becomes inconsistent. It beats too fast or too slow or it races. This is a sign of magnesium deficiency. Handle the deficiency and the heartbeat returns to normal. Nothing else needs to be done. Just take magnesium. You don t have to know any more than that. Racing heart, take magnesium. Heartbeat not normal, take magnesium.

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Thomas Jefferson was not a founding father of equality. He was a founding father of the heartbeat of denial that lives through both Mr. Trump’s denials and the assertion that his racial views are abnormal for America and its presidents.

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Fifty years ago, Richard Nixon transformed this historic heartbeat of denial into an intoxicating political philosophy. His presidential candidacy appealed to George Wallace-type segregationists while also attracting Americans who refused to live near “dangerous” black residents, obstructed the desegregation of schools, resisted affirmative action policies, framed black mothers on welfare as undeserving, called the black family pathological and denigrated black culture — all those racists who refused to believe they were racist in 1968.

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Dec 24, 2007 · Nothing makes me more then when I see one of those "The Heartbeat of America" stickers on todays new Chevy's. I …

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Magnesium deficiency is the main cause of irregular heartbeat. If the heart beats more than 100 beats per minute (too fast) or less than 60 beats per minute (too slow), this is considered an irregular heartbeat. Water-soluble magnesium has been found to act quickly in normalizing and stopping irregular heartbeat. A daily intake of magnesium will act as a preventative.

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