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A survey of 1,781 nurses done in 1989 showed that 31 percent of them thought pain-killing drugs should not be given because of potential addiction. Because of this mistaken belief, many health care professionals continue to refuse these drugs to those who need them. Others minimize the amount of pain medication a person can receive, making the therapy useless. These attitudes are archaic and harmful.

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Another common misconception among health care professionals is the belief that all pain must have an . Because we like to believe we have control, we believe that if a person has pain, there must be an observable cause. If we can’t find the cause, we inaccurately conclude that the person has no “real” pain. However, pain is real, regardless of its cause and regardless of whether it can be diagnosed or measured

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Arthritis is the most common source of pain in the elderly. Interestingly, in the oldest old, more people report the disappearance of joint pain than the onset of symptoms. This does not seem to be correlated with the severity of their disease. It also appears that the peak of musculoskeletal pain occurs after middle age. Arthritis and muscle pain does not improve with rest. In fact, rest can make the pain worse. Furthermore, a person loses one percent of his muscle mass for each day he remains inactive. Inactivity can lead to, and may result in the person losing the ability to walk.

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This course on aging is intended for all clinicians wanting to understand the mental health problems of older adults, most who are using professional care. This course also meets the mandatory requirements for license renewal for psychologists, LCSWs, and MFTs in California.

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Because of the rapid improvement in medical technology and treatment options, these problems are less life threatening, and life expectancy is predicted to increase even more in the next twenty years.

Because of this meteoric rise in lifespan, dementing illness has increased significantly. Before the founding of the Alzheimer’s Association in 1980, the disease was considered rare. Today, news about dementia appears in every newspaper, magazine, and television newscast. Thousands of older people alive today will suffer from dementing illness. Most will have emotional and behavioral problems as a result. Currently, very few mental health professionals are knowledgeable about the symptoms, deficits, and treatment of the dementias.

For this reason, depression in the elderly is seen largely among disabled, hospitalized, and long-term care patients.

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While many community-dwelling elderly people have the same degree of physical disability as those in nursing homes, the decision for placement in a care facility is usually related to the amount of family and social support, and the presence of a mental disorder.

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Elderly people often bump their heads and later forget that the incidents happened. In a younger person, these bumps may be unimportant, but the brains of elderly people are sometimes smaller, and slosh about inside the skull more easily. The decreased amount of neurons in the elderly brain makes minor damage more serious. Even small bumps on the head in the elderly, such as a knock on the head from a cabinet door, can cause (bleeding inside the lining of the brain). Any bump on the head should be checked thoroughly.

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As the boomers are growing up, breakthroughs in public health, sanitation, nutrition, and medicine have led to an unanticipated increase in life expectancy, and an unprecedented increase in the number of elder Americans.