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As stated in the Abstract, or Executive Summary above, an attemptis made in this paper to point out the "human" side of Darwin and hewill be discussed within the context of his times. With that in mind,it is worth noting that since the "paper" version of this paper wasinitially completed and distributed on January 31, 1995, it wasexactly 156 years ago that date (January 31, 1839) that CharlesDarwin had been married to Emma Darwin (née Emma ) for exactlytwo days. On January 30, 1839, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Darwin movedinto a town house in the Bloomsbury area of London (12 Gower Street)but January 31, 1839 was not a good day for the newly married couple:Josiah Wedgwood III was married to Caroline Darwin, the older sisterof Charles Darwin and on December 18, 1838 Sophie Wedgwood was bornto this couple. On January 31, 1839 Darwin's niece died and it hasbeen written of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Darwin that "there could havebeen no sadder end to a happy month, and it clouded their first weekstogether" (Adrian Desmond and James Moore, 1991,, page 280).

Chapter 3: Darwin's Tree of Life

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In an 1842 letter to his sister Catherine, Darwin called the houseat Down somewhat ugly [Charles R. Darwin to Catherin Darwin,dated July 1842 in , Francis Darwin(Editor), 1903, page 32]. Initially they had two bathrooms, astudy, a dining-room, and ample space to raise a family and work andthink. The house was gradually expanded . At first, they had norunning hot water but they did have two serviceable outhouses! Emmaand Charles Darwin had a loving and caring family. The Darwin home atDown was situated on 15 acres (with cherry and walnut trees as wellas scotch and silver fir) and Charles Darwin would think and walk andenjoy the splendor of their grounds.

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As Charles Darwin matured, he became independently wealthy and wasable to devote his time and energies, such as they were, to thosequestions which he found interesting rather than on a career tosupport his family. Upon his father's death, Charles Darwin inheritedapproximately 45,000 pounds; this amount, combined with the 13,000pounds he received from his father upon his marriage in 1839 to hiscousin Emma Wedgwood (1808-1896) and the 5,000 pound dowry that EmmaWedgwood brought into the marriage, provided Mr. and Mrs. CharlesDarwin with quite a bit of capital at all times. When Charles Darwindied in 1882, he had nearly quadrupled his inheritance and his estatewas estimated to be approximately 282,000 pounds. This was done byinvestments in railroads, for in Darwin's time, railroads developedover the canal system in the British Isles.

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