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Rafael Soldi is a Peruvian artist, designer and curator. He holds a BFA in Photography & Curatorial Studies from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He has exhibited and published his work internationally and his work can be found in the permanent collections of the Tacoma Art Museum, Frye Art Museum, and the King County Public Art Collection. Rafael works as a photographer, curator, and designer in the Seattle area, collaborating with creatives and non profits, lending his experience to social justice causes when possible. He has consistently curated projects and exhibitions that explore queer identity and history—he is the co-founder of the Strange Fire Collective, a platform dedicated to highlighting work made by women, people of color, and queer and trans artists.

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On one side of this issue we have people declaring that too much surveillance, especially in the form of wearable cameras and computers, is detrimental and in public. On the other side there are people who argue that a will make the world safer and hold criminals more accountable for their actions.

11/06/2014 · More guns don't make for a safer society

In the United States alone, there are millions of people with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) parent(s). While research shows that there are no significant developmental differences or negative effects on children of LGBTQ parents, these youth do report facing significantly more prejudice and discrimination because of societal homophobia and transphobia. Youth report that schools are a key place where they face intolerance?from peers, teachers, school administration, and school systems that are affected by the homophobia in our society.? The following tips attempt to introduce teachers to the topic of safety and respect for youth with LGBTQ parents in schools. Developed by a group of youth with LGBTQ parents in the San Francisco Bay Area, these suggestions are first steps in making your classrooms and schools more affirming and safe for students from LGBTQ families, as well as all students affected by homophobia and oppression.

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Ray Cheng is the proud father of three COLAGErs (Alberto 18, Nathan 14, and Zara 3). Ray and his spouse Jeff Butts, live in Boston with their children and have been involved with COLAGE and Family Week for the past 7 years. Ray is a manager at Ernst & Young, LLP and works with a diverse group of clients helping them with state and local tax matters. He earned his Bachelors in Business Administration and his Masters in Professional Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin. He has been active on various boards and has previously been a board member of SMART Team, a nonprofit organization created and directed by Jeff that provides social services to young people impacted by the juvenile courts, trauma and homelessness, many of whom are part of the LGBTQ community. He is also currently actively involved with the LGBTQ professional network at Ernst & Young and is passionate about supporting social causes that directly and indirectly impact the LGBTQ community.

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Paul Perry is freelance writer and social impact consultant. He previously served as the Bay Area Executive Director of The Reset Foundation, a nonprofit that runs residential education campuses for transition-age youth (18-24) as an alternative to incarceration. Paul has served as an assistant principal in Boston and worked with Los Angeles Unified School District on professional development for teachers and principals. His career as an educator includes teaching middle school in Philadelphia and leading college courses at San Quentin State Prison in California. He holds degrees from American University, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of California – Berkeley. Most recently, Paul earned his Doctorate of Education Leadership from Harvard Graduate School of Education. He grew up in Norristown, PA with his hardworking and thoughtful fathers Ken and Paul.

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Charles Frey is a Connecticut-based nonprofit consultant with 20 years of experience leading mission-driven organizations including the American Red Cross of South Central CT and the SARAH Foundation. His passion and experience aid in achieving breakthrough results in communications, fundraising, strategic planning, and leadership development. Charles is a trained educator and NYC native who attended Hunter College as an undergraduate and Fordham University for graduate studies in education administration. Prior to relocating to Connecticut in 2000, Charles served 16 years as an inner-city teacher and principal, earning recognition for educational leadership as the School Administrators Association of New York State (CASDA) Principal of the Year, and receiving several nominations for the prestigious Reader’s Digest American Heroes in Education Award. Currently residing on the CT shoreline, Charles and his spouse, Kevin Lembo, are proud parents of 3 COLAGErs (ages 30, 27 and 16) and have been active participants in Family Week programming since the 1990s.