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Note: It is recommended that Hill's memoirs and (1) JamesWilliams: An American Patriot in the Carolina Backcountry, 2002, byWilliam Graves and/or (2) Backcountry Revolutionary: James Williams 1740-1780..., 2012, also by William Graves, be read back-to-back.

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Even though early “settlers” ran off and lived with the natives, and had high appreciation for the native way of life, and the spectacle of the “Unredeemed Captive” played itself out in the early 18th century, by the time of the American Revolution, the new elites had carved out estates in the settled east and were the forerunners of today’s Eastern Establishment. The opportunities for free land and dreams of estates lay on the frontiers of English/British encroachment, and were pursued by the losers of colonial life. Trappers, traders, and soldiers were the early English vanguard, followed by settlers. While frontiersmen might wear buckskins and take native wives, they rarely thought like Indians, and native behavior toward nature was in stark contrast to how frontiersmen behaved. Eastern North America was completely deforested by those frontier settlers, which wiped out both native humans and animals. White invaders would rarely make enlightened contact with the natives, and the genocidal aspirations in letters to his men (a sentiment that was missing in his writings about his French adversaries) were more literate versions of the scalp-hunting attitudes of frontier settlers.

Compare and contrast the American and French revolutions

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French and American Revolution Similarities and Differences

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