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Bathing: Guinea pigs seldom "need" baths and some are never bathed. But if they do require one, a shampoo formulated especially for small animals will help avoid drying their skin. Use a shallow bowl of warm water, rinse, and dry thoroughly to avoid chills before returning them to their home. Avoid getting water in their ears.

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Vegetables: Small amounts of fresh vegetables (about a cup a day) are an important additional source of vitamin C and other nutrients. Parsley, romaine lettuce (rather than iceberg, which has less nutritional value and may result in loose stools if given in excess), a small piece of carrot, tomato, green or red pepper, spinach, and cantaloupe are popular choices. And clean, pesticide-free grass, clover, dandelion greens, corn husks and silk, will be appreciated by your pet. Rinse vegetables thoroughly. Do not feed wilted or spoiled food. Vegetables must be introduced slowly, to avoid digestive upsets. Once introduced, you can supply a variety of them to your pet. Variety is the key to maintaining your pigs' health. Be creative.

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Note: Guinea pigs prone to forming stones are sometimes fed limited or no pellets. Since pellets are a concentrated food source, be sure to review guidelines for determining if your guinea pig is a good weight. Some pet owners restrict pellet intake to 1/8 cup a day for adult guinea pigs.

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Signs Which Warrant A Trip To The Vet ASAP: If your guinea pig shows any of these symptoms, it should see a vet immediately: Refusal to eat or drink, labored breathing, wheezing, crusty eyes, sneezing , rough or puffed up coat, dull and/or receding eyes, lethargy, hunched posture, diarrhea, blood in urine, limping, excessive scratching, hair loss, or loss of balance. Be an observant owner. Unusual behavior (like sitting with it's face in a corner, and being slow to respond to you) could also be reason for alarm. When a guinea pig is ill, it can go downhill very quickly. Prompt, competent veterinary care is crucial to saving the life of a sick guinea pig. The will provide you with more detailed information.

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Still confused? Be sure to check the Cavy Spirit page, which should answer any questions you have. Teresa Murphy provides numerous pictures of young, mature, and neutered guinea pigs.

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Make absolultely sure your pet has been correctly sexed. If you have more than one and plan on housing them together, ensuring that both pigs are the same sex will avoid the many pitfalls and risks associated with pregnancy. Petstores are notorious for sending home two "same sex" guinea pigs that are anything but, so check yourself or have a vet check your pigs for you. Should you determine you have a male and female, separate them immediately whether you suspect the female is pregnant or not.

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Don't be afraid to call your vet if you have any questions. Most illnesses, when caught early, can be cured fairly easily with a course of antibiotics safe for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs can hide symptoms in the early stages of an illness, so once the symptoms become apparent, they may have been ill for one or two weeks.

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