Above: Rear of Highfield Cottage showing the back door circa 1962.

I remember the taxi pulling up outside and immediately our amah, the Chinese house servant that all Europeans were lucky to have, came to the door, bowing and smiling a welcome.

The window handles were too heavy for me to operate.

Above: 1854 Ordnance Survey Map showing the plot of land that Highfield House was built on.
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“In the Bleak Midwinter” remains my favourite carol to this day.

Above: Plan showing the layout of properties in Scott’s Yard (probably) between about 1870 and 1970. Numbers 6,7 and 8 are now(2008) combined into a single dwelling. The area outlined in red was sold to J & M Asquith Ltd in the early 1970’s.

(Oh, the sauce of it showing our ankles!

It backed on to the original defensive wall of the time of James IV, and every morning I would hear the footsteps of the soldier who walked along the passage outside my window to hoist the standard.

We shared our boilerman with No 6 and No 8, the coal-stoked boiler being vital in winter.
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I remember it being very hot there that year, but with a very strong wind constantly blowing in off the sea, hence the basket-weave “deckchairs” in use by the adults.

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In the terrible winter of 1947, he was posted to Hamburg, to No 5 MTBD [Motor Transport Base Depot], where we three joined him as soon as a married quarter became available; that being in a block of flats on Alsterdorfer Strasse.

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My mother took great care and delight in the garden, and the large greenhouse was full of cyclamen plants in the winter, which could either be piled into the house or even picked, there were so many.

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Above: 1890 map showing the location of Sowood House (bottom right) not to be confused with Sow Wood House (top left) located on Ossett Green and originally home to the Greenwood family of medical practitioners and later in the 1940s and 1950s, the location of Doctor Stoker's surgery.

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The married quarters seemed so luxurious, with their central heating, double glazing and a large cellar for storage – such a contrast from post-war England.

We arrived in Münster in February 1958, when Germany was having a very harsh winter.

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I recall that we all stayed in a rather nice hotel, and also that, with fathers in attendance, we boys had great fun exploring what I can only imagine were Second World War German fortifications of some sort.

I had learnt to ski whilst in Austria, and I recall our taking a winter holiday later that year at a place called Bad Harzburg, again staying in a very smart hotel; sadly, I have no photographs of that holiday.