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It was at this early period that two notable events mark the history of Massachusetts, and they were brought about by two notable persons, -- Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson.

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Other matters of importance, as the , , the career of , and the like, being rather to the history of New England as a whole than to that of one colony, and will be treated in a .

The Royal Governors of Massachusetts Bay Colony 1692-1780

In the search for Nath Pinkham, new and exciting unreported historic information about migrations of the Indians in the seventeenth century in North America are emerging. Mr. Charles "Sweet Medicine" Shepard, a self-proclaimed Mattamuskeet and Croatan Indian has been collaborating with the Lost Colony Center on early Indian history of the Coastal Plains of North Carolina. The Lost Colony Center's research supports Mr. Shepard's findings that most, if not all, of the people living in his community of Free Union near Plymouth, North Carolina, have their roots in the Indian cultures of North Carolina.

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DHK provided A/E services that included programming, design and construction administration. The building contains 65,000 gross square feet of built area. It houses a 14-bay, vehicle maintenance facility designed to serve a fleet with a wide variety of military vehicles that support Army National Guard operations in northeastern Massachusetts. Other program functions include training rooms, offices and storage space. A significant portion of CCG is wetlands, and several areas were previously used as firing ranges but weren’t formally closed or remediated of lead contamination. In addition, the central portion of CCG was designated as a historic resource by the State Historic Officer.

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This same year Endicott, who was to play a leading part in the early history of Massachusetts, came out with a following of sixty and settled at a place called Salem, joining a small settlement already there.

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When the first voyaged to the New World, a bizarre twist of fate created a spirit of self-government. These Pilgrims of the were bound for Virginia in 1620, but they got lost and instead landed at in present-day Massachusetts. Since Plymouth did not lie within the boundaries of the Virginia colony, the Pilgrims had no official charter to govern them. So they drafted the , which in essence declared that they would rule themselves. Although Massachusetts eventually became a royal colony, the Pilgrims at Plymouth set a powerful precedent of making their own rules that later reflected itself in the town meetings that were held across colonial New England.

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John Wintrop">To this the Massachusetts Bay Company agreed, and John Winthrop, a gentleman of wealth and education, one of the strongest and most admirable characters in the pioneer history of America, was chosen governor.