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It's up to you as an Australian to decide if you support Australian products and Australian companies. We have the resources, the knowledge and the manpower to provide for our people. All we need is the will and support to make it happen.

Golden Circle continues to support Australian pineapple industry

(GC) ceased to be an Australian Owned Company.

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Yes, we want and need foreign investment in Australia. But we don't want multi-national companies who take over Australian companies and brazenly take their profits out of the country paying little or no taxes.

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Our once proudly owned Australian products, Vegemite, Arnott's Biscuits, Aeroplane jelly, Edgells, Fountain, Jaffas and Minties, to name just a few, are now in the hands of foreign companies.

says Golden Circle has cheated the public into believing it is Australian owned

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Heinz acquired the license for Cottee’s jams, spreads, toppings, jellies and puddings, Rose's jams and Golden Circle, including the Original Juice Company and Popper Juice brands, which were acquired in 2008.

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With WWII causing a global shortage of tin, Heinz had to stop supplying canned goods to Australian shoppers. However, the company was able to get enough tinplate to supply nearly 12 million cans of tomato juice, Irish stew, beans, spaghetti, soups, and potatoes to the armed forces.

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In the end I thought it important that they be identified for what they stood for, because many times they have been unknowingly displayed or incorrectly identified as historical by unsuspecting or uninformed individuals or flag companies.

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Mark Latham, a columnist of the Daily Telegraph, wrote an article on 16 July 1999 on this very issue. He wrote, "Despite the strong economic growth of recent years most multi-nationals in Australia regularly report losses. These are large global companies with billions of dollars in assets and turnover yet never claiming a profit and therefore never needing to pay tax in this country."

"Golden Circle remains a huge supporter of Australian growers," the company said in a statement


The reverse of this flag was not identical to the front because three 7's were not mirrored, although the position of the whole AWB flag was (flags of the Boer republics were mirrored completely).

11/01/2018 · NQ Paradise Pines general manager Rob Richardson says Golden Circle has continued to trade on the perception it is a Queensland company…

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Mindaugas Murza compared globalism to Zionism, and preaches hatred of the Jews (anti-Semitism) and other Nazi policies, including paraphrasing the German National Socialist slogan with "Lithuania, wake up!" Murza was imprisoned for his activities, but his followers still occasionally cause trouble.