The gods pity Odysseus and assist in his safe return to Ithaca....

Wow you really don’t know anything about the bible you read and only speak of what you want not what is true god said truth would be reviled in the days of his return but now you say that there are no giants. And wow said anything about a leg bone I’m talking hole entire skeletons not 1 but many do your reach and the truth will be shown to you but until then I would not blog anymore cause all u speak is blind words thanks for showing me and others that you know nothing

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The authority of the gods over Odysseus and the other characters in this ancient epic is obvious.

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Ok so if they haven’t been any 36 feet tall skeletons found and skeletons of Greek mythology that are in museums around the world then how come the bible do sent talk about them when they do exist and been found throughout history . so are those bones fake or again is the bible not telling the hole truth cause there are a lot of things missing from it. Also the bible says nothing about the leviathan being the serpent that tempted eve. And as far as the bible being words of God if it is from him he needs to come tell me his self so I don’t have to listen to the wickedness of man who think they know all of the bible and have interpretated it all wrong. If u ask if i have faith in God my answer is yes but I don’t believe that the bible is all there it was discovered in scripts and put together and there is things the Catholic Church decided to not put in from those scripts so yes there are a lot of things missing from the bible and that is proven fact

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Goliath was probably a little less than 10 feet tall. There is no solid evidence for any of the alleged 36 foot tall skeletons. There are popular pictures on the internet, but no bones have been presented as evidence to support this. Also, due to the incredible stresses this would put on a frame, it is extremely unlikely that they could get this big.
If you are wondering who the children of Adam and Eve married, here is a helpful article to understand this popular question:
As for the Bible being in error, I disagree with you. Please show me where it is wrong. Jesus treated the Old Testament as real history. And since He fulfilled so many prophecies, worked countless miracles, and is the Son of God (He proved this claim by predicting His own Resurrection and then He did rise), I’ll stick with what He said.

The Odyssey is about the Greek gods and heroes and their adventures (Makman).

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In other words, you don’t have any evidence for your claims. I’ve politely asked you for some a couple of times now for proof of these giants, but your responses are all over the place and you’ve never given any evidence to back up your assertions.
By the way, I never said that God wrote the Old Testament. The writings were inspired by God, and He is the one who determined what the canon would be. Man is the one who discovered that canon. You may also be interested to know that Genesis–Joshua were written centuries before Homer and Hesiod began writing Greek mythology. So I’m not exactly sure how the Bible copied from Greek mythology.

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Rome yes Tim rome didn’t start the Catholic Church it was the Hebrews who lived in Rome and the bible was only created after death so again show me proof of where God wrote the old testament O yeah you can’t cause there is no proof but there is proof of everything I have said about things being missing from the bible and greek mythology and giant people no I don’t belive they came from people our size but the proof is there and as far as the Catholic Church that is all it was for over 100 years before it be came a Roman Catholic Church do your research and it will tell you rome be lived in Greek mythology before Christianity was ever in the picture. The Catholics were not of Rome and there were books written by a group of men and they decided what stories to put in from all the stories they heard from there childhood. Use your computer and find your stuff yourself.

Throughout the novel, gods play a significant role in the fate of Odysseus and other characters.

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"As Hesiod laid out the roles of the gods in his Theogony and the Works and Days, it is apparent that though the gods were active in the creation of the cosmos, natural phenomenon, and cyclical events such as seasons, they were not however, functioning in any historical way"(Bloom 36).

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The characters of Homer’s The Odyssey struggled with the ineffable reality of the world, therefore they created gods that could carry the burden of their hopeless quest for understanding....

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The stories one polis told about its divine connection might or might not contradict the stories of another polis about its connection with the same god. Sometimes what looks like an effort to smooth out one set of inconsistencies seems to have created others. It might serve those of us coming to the Greek stories from a Judaeo-Christian tradition to remember that there are plenty of apparent inconsistencies in the Bible, too.