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The championship involves six rounds spread over two days, with each round focussing on one particular type of problem. Each country is represented by a team of three solvers, with the two highest scores from each round contributing towards the final total for that country. The individual scores are also added up and so the same event functions as an individual world championship. The favourites for the individual title were Murdzia and myself, together with the Russian Evseev, who before this event led the solving rating list on 2809. However, the situation was far less clear for the team event, since Russia, Germany, Poland and Great Britain all arrived with strong teams.

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Because what I’ve discovered is that a surprisingly vast number of GMs seem to consider the entire concept of using hacking to solve a problem to be some sort of anathema. So even when I’ve tried to play the character concept, I’ve ended up not actually being able to play the concept.

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Conversely, however, hacking shouldn’t be a magic button that can trivially solve all problems. When that happens, it creates where the hacker upstages every other character and flattens the challenges presented by the scenario.

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It’s as though the player is trying to use the third dimension to solve a 2D puzzle. The GM is unprepared for that, and so is likely to either block that tactic completely or let it immediately solve the problem.

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The World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC) was held in Halkidiki, Greece, from September 4th to 11th, 2004. As always it was open to national teams and individual solvers. They had to tackle a variety of chess problems, and a few endgame studies to boot. In our we gave you all the details of the problem types, together with a sample of problems from a previous competition.

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To counteract this problem, there are a couple things the GM should do. First, check the potential consequences a hacker faces: They should be comparable to those faced by other types of action. (Just as the hacker should not find it impossible to hack an automated car; the hacker themselves should not benefit from a foolproof firewall.) Second, check your : Make sure that “solving” the scenario requires a multi-step resolution and, importantly, make sure that hacking can’t be used to trivially solve all the vectors.

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Thanks for the post. This does happen a lot. Many GM’s, not just new ones, pre-conceive how the plot should play out and how problems will be solved. Your work-around is spot on. The GM should build in early and mid-game problems a hacker can solve. Making the hacker a key component of accomplishing a side quest works great too. Basically, everyone at the table (or logged into the game) should get fairly equal spotlight time, GM face time, and times to be the potential hero.