Was Gettysburg the Turning Point of the War? – Part 1

In early July, 1863, troops from General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia (the Confederates) met up with a patrol of Union cavalry on the outskirts of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Over the next three days, this encounter grew into a turning point of the Civil War. Lee’s forces battled against General Meade’s Army of the Potomac (the Union). When the battle was over, Lee’s army was defeated, and his aim of taking Civil War fight into the north had ended. The war would continue for another eighteen months, but Gettysburg changed the course of the conflict.

The Battle of Gettysburg - The Turning Point of the War

There is widespread disagreement among historians about the turning point of the American Civil War

Why Gettysburg the turning point in the war?

General Stuart,in the campaign of Gettysburg, rode all around thehostile army, broke up its communications, drewhostile troops away from the decisive point, and yetwas in place on the wing of the army on the day of the Page 230battle.

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But some of Mosby's best friends inhis later life were men who had been his prisoners. So far did the hostility and feeling againstMosby carry that as late as May 4, 1865, almosta month after Lee's surrender, General Granttelegraphed to General Halleck, "I would adviseoffering a reward of $5,000 for Mosby." This wasdone, but nobody captured him. The turning point in his career after the warwas his endorsement of and voting for Grant in1872.

The Battle of Gettysburg , fought in July 1863, was a turning point in the American Civil War

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