I just got Dire AIDS, how do I get rid of it

The body usually eradicates viruses naturally. After getting rid of a virus, the body will generate a “police force”–if you will, of antibodies ready to protect at first site of that same virus again. For example, after getting infected with chicken pox, you are unlikely to get it again. Since your body can do this naturally, a vaccines are developed to induce your body to do the same.

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After getting rid of a virus, ..

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In 1985, researchers believed that an HIV vaccine would soon be developed. IT was speculated that like other viruses, particles of the virus could be used in animals to create antibodies that could be used in a vaccine to stop AIDS. HIV turned out to be trickier than originally thought. While we have made great strides in vaccine research since then, it is possible we may never see an HIV vaccine. That doesn’t mean that we cannot stop or even eliminate AIDS. Even without an HIV vaccine, prevention, HIV testing and treatment can help eliminate the virus.

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