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An atmosphere or environment filled with tension often leads to lower productivity.

Conflict is a natural consequence when employees experience gender discrimination or inequality – regardless of whether it originates from other employees or management.

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

What are the signs that gender discrimination may be happening in your work place?

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Before answering these questions, it's important to know that while gender discrimination is usually directed toward women, men can also be subjected to gender discrimination.

The most overt form of gender inequality is unequal pay or unfair promotions.

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Women often have to work longer at their job than men do to be promoted.

For most of history, women where discriminated against for giving birth.

One of the biggest effects of gender discrimination – particularly for women – is increased stress.

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Teach managers what constitutes gender discrimination and inequality, and train them how to identify both the obvious and not so obvious signs that gender discrimination is occuring.

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Unfortunately, recognizing that gender discrimination exists is uncomfortable, and many people would rather remain silent or pretend it's not taking place.

Hours and Pay and Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Just as an alcoholic can't deal with their alcoholism until theyadmit they have a problem, gender discrimination can't be overcome until all relevant parties are willing to admit that it's occuring in their organization.

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“Glass ceiling” encompasses many different kinds of discrimination against women workers including but bot limited to: differences in pay for comparable work, sexual harassment in the workplace, and companies that do not have family-friendly policies.

So what should you do when you think gender discrimination is occuring in your workplace?

Gender Differences and Discrimination In the Workplace

Gender discrimination examples include, but are not limited to: workplace discrimination, sexual discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, and wage discrimination.

The term glass ceiling began as a reference to discrimination against women in the work force.

Gender discrimination has become a common issue in the business world

Despite protection from the law, many people, particularly working women, feel that gender inequality and discrimination is still a big problem in some businesses.

It is against the law to discriminate against anyone in the workplace because of their sex.

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But being able to spot gender discrimination is only the first step, managers must also be taught to how to deal with it and prevent it from happening again in the future.