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This talk gives a broad overview of gender beyond the binary of male and female, divided roughly into three sections. The first addresses gender diversity in Western contexts, exploring the connection between gender and sexuality by looking at the English Mollies. The Italian Femminielli, and Albanian sworn virgins are also discussed. A cross-cultural consideration of eunuchs then expands the scope to non-western contexts, covering a range of historical and contemporary third (fourth, and fifth!) gender categories – particularly across Asia and the Americas. The journey finishes by returning to the UK, to take a closer look at how ‘non-binary’ has manifested as a category over the last few years.

Sexual Identity, Gender, and Childhood ..

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Gender Issues in Children's Literature. ERIC Digest.

For ages 16 +
In this solo conversation-musical, which is totally a thing, bisexual theatre maker Jenifer Toksvig asks all the really big and important questions…
…Is bisexuality invisible, does it get erased, or is it just pretend? Yes, but what actually is a conversation-musical? A conversical? Would you like a chocolate?
Jenifer takes us through 12 genuine questions in her quest for the answer to that crucial Question 13.
“I just wanted more.”
Always a Critic Podcast (possibly just talking about the chocolate)
This show contains sexual references, rude drawings, and swearing. Adults only.
Trigger warning: sexual assault.
This event is part of 96 Festival
A celebration of progress, achievement and possibility

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Part of the Heritage Lottery Fund supported Other Stories project, Derbyshire LGBT+ are putting on an exhibition of LGBT+ history in partnership with Chesterfield Museum. Come and discover stories of sexuality and gender identity from Derbyshire’s past. We’ve uncovered some incredible stories from past centuries as well as from recent decades and we’re delighted to be putting these on display. Visit to museum to find out more!

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While most educators advocate using said childrens ..

What effect do hormone uses have on emotions, sensations, sexual expression and desire? This video art exhibition presents the work of 15 artists and collectives who explore the immense role hormones have on our everyday life. The works raise crucial questions about how society influences and regulates gender identity, and capture broader explorations of sexuality and gender fluidity. The featured artists take viewers on sometimes intensely personal journeys and demonstrate the liberation they have experienced through the use of hormones. Other works look at the medicalisation of women’s bodies in relation to birth control, menopause and ageing, and offer an important commentary on how we use hormones to improve and sometimes constrain our lives in ways we rarely consider.

Ritu Singh is an ad-crafter who lives in Gurgaon

Once traced back to the tastes of individual readers, the stubborn persistence of this imbalance becomes less mystifying. Editors can be shamed or pressured (temporarily, at least) into evening up the gender split in their bylines and book review sections, and some women have begun calling for subscription cancellation drives and other forms of economic protest after the release of the Vida survey results. But reading is a private, willful activity; good luck dictating to anyone which books they should read, let alone like.

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All are welcome at our annual general meeting to hear our eminent guest speaker, Professor Jeffrey Weeks. Jeffrey is a gay activist and an historian and sociologist specialising in work on sexuality. He is an accomplished public speaker.

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A display mapping the services and support available to the people of North Yorkshire and beyond with regard to raising social awareness around LGBT issues such as sexual health, aging without children, and transgender and mental health.

the influence of gender differences on children's reading interest

Penguins is a unique and engaging show for children about friendship, fun, identity and the ever-changing meaning of family. This delightful new theatre and dance production is inspired by a true story reported in the New York Times that touched hearts worldwide.