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Guadalupe Orozco (l996)The current investigation has collected 49 similar essays fromnon-gang affiliated, college matriculated students, who grew up inthe same neighborhoods presently being studied.If there is a telling characteristic in these essays, it is thepresence of a parent or parents.

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Clearly, defining who is gang affiliated and who is not, is quitecomplex.

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The following essays, written by nongang affiliated participants from the same dysfunctionalneighborhoods who are now students at California State UniversityNorthridge, reveal at least two important manifestations: (1) theethos of fear that exists in their neighborhoods and (2) theinfluence that parents or caring extended family had on theirdevelopment.Essay # 1: "In my neighborhood, if you see someone you don'tknow, you turn the other way.

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Gang involvement quickly eliminates your choices. If you or your child has made the choice to join or become involved in a gang it may feel like there is no way out. Leaving a gang can be a long, complicated process and it can even be dangerous. There are many things to consider and the decision deserves serious discussion.

Wewere three blocks away from the Van Nuys Police Division Stationwhich is smack in the middle of the BVN (Barrio Van Nuys gang).

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The Salt Lake Area Gang Project is administered by a Governing Board that is made up of police chiefs and administrative personnel from the agencies that participate in the Project including:

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What went right in their lives that wentawry for those who become gang-affiliated?Future well-honed examinations of the non-gang affiliated in theseneighborhoods are profoundly needed and recommended for furtherstudy.

but who are delinquent and commit crimes independent of gang affiliation.

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Clues are revealed in the current study, but furtherresearch is clearly needed.Actually, the non-gang affiliated are far more captivating thantheir gang-member counterparts who succumbed, because to alloutward appearances, the two often look the same.

Trump Is Locking Up and Threatening to Deport Children Based on Mere Suspicion of Gang Affiliation.

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The Eighth Circuit found no error in the admission of this gang affiliation evidence. Its probative value outweighed the danger of unfair prejudice to defendant since it was admitted to establish defendant's identity as the gunman in the charged bank robberies. It was also admitted in order to impeach the defendant's testimony that he was not a member of the gang, and no other evidence was admitted about any other criminal activities of the gang, or of gangs in general. As explained by the circuit:

"In this case the gang related evidence was relevant to establish Ellison's identity as the gunman in the robberies. It tended to show that he had a reason to wear green clothing and that witnesses had seen him in it. The gang evidence also impeached his own testimony. Ellison contends that it should nonetheless have been excluded as unfairly prejudicial. Relevant evidence is inadmissible 'if its probative value is substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice.' Gang related evidence is inadmissible if its purpose is solely 'to prejudice the defendant or prove his guilt by association with unsavory characters.' Evidence relevant to a disputed issue is not inadmissible merely because it relates to a gang or gang activity, however. , 431 F.3d 1085, 1093 (8th Cir. 2005)).
, __ F.3d at __.

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It did not seem so importantamong this sample whether or not there were one or two parents athome, as simply having extended family members or someone whoprovided a caring, nurturing environment, who provided the youthswith a feeling of belonging to a "family," and who instilled awork ethic and the value of education.
THE INDEPENDENTSIn sharp contrast in the same neighborhood, there is also acomponent of adamantly non-gang affiliated youths, who brag aboutnot needing a gang to back them up, but who are delinquent andcommit crimes independent of gang affiliation.