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Listening to the radio, hears that he is about to be interviewed, but he soon begins to realize that it is an impersonating him. The impostor claims that he alone of the seven had survived the sinking of the . The impostor's intentions are obvious as he begins to spend Mr. Howell's fortune and sell off his company stock-by-stock to fund his lifestyle. The real Mr. Howell wants to stop him. Every time he hears of the phony Howell spending or selling his property, he goes berserk and runs to as if he was going to swim back to the mainland. The and stop him each time. However, his worries are dispelled as the radio reports the phony Howell has fallen overboard from a boat while sailing and is reported lost. A search is on the way for the man still believed to be Thurston Howell III, and by the following day, the impostor somehow manages swim ashore onto the island. Wandering the island, he is shocked to discover the real Thurston Howell sitting in his chair. Knocking him upside the head with a coconut, he renders the real Mr. Howell unconscious and drags him into the jungle, changing clothes with him in an attempt to fool the other castaways. Eventually, the real Mr. Howell regains consciousness in the impostor's wet clothes and heads back to his chair, discovering the impostor and calling out to the other Castaways. Only Gilligan, the Skipper, and come on the scene, and he tries to convince the others that he is the real Thurston Howell. The impostor, however, rebuffs all his responses with "Howell-like" responses and a similar mole to the real Mr. Howell on his elbow. Fortunately, the Professor shows up with the radio with the latest update on the impostor, who has been proven to be a fake when earlier signatures of the real Mr. Howell are compared. His ruse discovered, the phony Mr. Howell slips away to the with the Castaways running after him. As he swims away from the island, the Castaways stop chasing him at the edge of the water. The Skipper tells Mr. Howell that he won't be able to spend anymore of his money, but Howell disagrees as the impostor is wearing his clothes with his money and credit cards in the back pocket, so he dives into the lagoon once more to get them back. A few days later, news comes over the that the impostor has been picked up by a fishing boat and apprehended. Meanwhile, Gilligan wonders if the fake mole on the impostor could have been painted on and tries checking Mr. Howell who shoos him off. However, that just spurs suspicion in Mrs. Howell who tries checking his arm herself.

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An off camera moment of the cast of GILLIGAN'S ISLAND. From left: Jim Backus (as Thurston Howell III); Bob Denver (as Gilligan); Natalie Schafer (as Mrs. Lovey Howell); Russell Johnson (as The Professor, Roy

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An off camera moment of the cast of GILLIGAN'S ISLAND. From left: Jim Backus (as Thurston Howell III); Bob Denver (as Gilligan); Natalie Schafer (as Mrs. Lovey Howell); Russell Johnson (as The Professor, Roy Hinkley); Alan Hale, Jr. (as The Skipper, Jonas Grumby); Dawn Wells (as Mary Ann Summers); and Tina Louise (as Ginger Grant) dated November 27, 1964. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

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From left to right, Alan Hale Jr. (1921 - 1990) as The Skipper, Tina Louise as Ginger Grant and Bob Denver (1935 - 2005) as Gilligan in the television series 'Gilligan's Island', circa 1964.

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The island's position is also uncertain as the and the have different ideas on its position. In the , the island's position is said to be about 140 longitude by 10 latitude as according to the Professor. However, in the episode , the tells surfer that their position is approximately 110 longitude by 10 latitude. Furthermore, in , when the US Navy see Gilligan flying over the island, the location is reported as 250 miles south of Hawaii; so possibly, during their time on the island, the and are constantly refining and recalculating their position based on storm reports through the radio. Despite being reportedly "uncharted," it is known the island was used as a temporary landing field and air field for the Army Air Corp during World War Two, due to the Quonset hut and Air Force planes found much later on the island. In , at least one Coast Guard pilot mentions that he knows about the island not being on the map and convinces the other pilot to fly over it. During his time on the island, repeatedly mentions his plans and intentions to make the island a resort; he finally succeeds at this with the creation of .

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Gilligan's Island is a typical unnamed South Pacific tropical Island with beaches, mountains, jungles and . It is where the seven passengers aboard the were marooned. It is also in the target line of the United States Air Force experimental missile range. The neighboring islands are inhabited by that practice rites similar to Voodoo (a Caribbean religion from Africa) and collect the heads of rival tribes. There are a few friendly tribes often visited by sailors who explore the islands in the area. Gilligan saves a female native from one tribe while a local chieftain appears on the island in search of a White Goddess.