The Sigmund Freud-Ludwig Binswanger Correspondence 1908-1938.

Freud conceptualized the mind, metaphorically, as an ancient, buried ruinwhich had to been unearthed much like an archeologist would unearth thetreasures of an ancient civilization.

Freud is accused ofwriting his theory in the male-constructed world.

From theseobservations, Freud developed his controversial theory of childhood sexuality.

Sigmund Freud Life and Work, Volume One: The Young Freud 1856-1900.

The pleasure obtained from the action leadsto a sleep or motor reaction, which is claimed by Freud to be the same as inthe nature of orgasm in the adults.

The Freud-Klein Controversies 1941-45.

The sexual activity is not yet separated form the ingestion of food sothe pleasure of sucking the milk from mother’s breast derives from the pleasureto satisfy its hunger.

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As mentioned previously, Freud was very protective of his theory, andhe entered into conflicts with various colleagues who offered alternativetheoretical perspectives, including , ,, and SandorFerenczi.

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Ultimately, for Freud, thehuman being is in perpetual conflict with itself, torn between one's animalnature and the ideals of one's culture internalized with the values ofone's parents.

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This is termed by Freud, the “penis envy” which leads the girls to blametheir mothers for not giving them penises and hence transfer the affection totheir fathers instead.

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Thus, the"ego" is governed by the "reality principle," which must use various defensesto negotiate between the unrealistic motives of the "superego" ("ego ideal")and the "id," governed by the "pleasure principle." This structure of thepsyche is the way Freud made sense of the emergence of the unconscious,which results in the repression of libidinal drives, as well as memories,thoughts, and feelings which arouse anxiety.

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Freud later assertsthat the sadomasochism arises from the regression to the anal phase of theinfantile sexuality where both active(sadistic) and passive(masochistic) formcan be exhibited.

Three Contributions to the Sexual Theory

All of these brilliant thinkers anticipated what would becomecentral themes in contemporary psychoanalytic thought, even in Freud'slater thought, although their contributions to these discoveries are oftenoverlooked.

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Additionally, again usingsymbolic substitution, Freud proposes that this phase is the first step wherethe female starts developing the wish to have a baby.