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Israel Blume auditioned all of these above mentioned amplifiers, at length, and in his own system, mainly to hear how they worked with his speakers. Blume also had another pair of similarly modified GTA 300B amps for lengthy periods. So while he would be enthusiastic about a recent amplifier discovery, he would also admit to me that it still did not equal the performance of my (and his) GTA 300B reference in its strengths; ultra-low sound-floor, naturalness and lack of an electronic character. However, the arrival of the Tektron/Frankenstein (TF), in the Summer of 2005, finally ended that 10 year victory streak. At first, it was hard for me to believe this unexpected result, but I soon visited Blume, and it didn't take me long to hear for myself the unique qualities of this, literally, one-of-a-kind amplifier.

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The .01 uf CuTF can only be heard "at its best" with a non-feedback amplifier, which will usually be a single-ended-triode (SET) model (such as the Frankenstein and hundreds of others as well). Besides its inherently outstanding performance, the .01 CuTF offers these extra sonic advantages, over even a direct-connection, when it's "at its best" (as promised above);

1. The .01 will roll-off the lower bass frequencies, which means the amplifier will then waste less of its power reserves, thus providing more dynamic headroom, separation and control, plus less distortion on peaks.
2. The amplifier will also have less intermodulation distortion (which is highly irritating), because there will now be less bass energy to modulate the higher frequencies.
3. Even the speaker drivers themselves will produce less distortion, independently of the above, because they, in turn, will no longer be hopelessly attempting to reproduce the lower bass frequencies. (Needless to say, only "SET-Friendly" speakers qualify in this situation, but that is an obvious given.)

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The Dragon II was an improvement on the original model (no surprise). However, bi-amping was proved, once again, to be the only method to fully maximize all the capabilities of the Pure Reference Extreme. No one amplifier, at any price, could equal the combined performance of the Frankenstein and Dragon, due to inherent and unavoidable technical factors. In other words, any amplifier driving the midrange/highs will be noticeably compromised if it is also simultaneously driving the bass (woofers), and you do not have to be an experienced audiophile to observe the obvious sonic degradations. Ergo, everything else being equal, which is the only fair method of comparison, a speaker that is bi-amped will always be superior to a speaker that is not bi-amped. That, though, is only half the equation. The CuTF .01 uf is the second half of the equation...

The Aurora classic monster models are probably the most important and influential monster products ever made.

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So how do most amplifiers rate on PDC, and what about SET amplifiers, and the Frankenstein in particular? Most amplifiers, push-pull, either tube or transistor, are "at their best" with the majority of either new or used speakers. Even older, lower powered amplifiers, like the famous NAD 3020, will have a PDC of (around) 75. More powerful modern amplifiers, like a typical (100 watt per channel) Musical Fidelity, will have a PDC of 90, or even more. (These PDR numbers are for normal requirements. It's obvious that a huge room, and/or a prediliction for extra loud volume levels, will change/lower these numbers for some audiophiles.)

In 1960, Aurora conducted a market survey that revealed their young customers wanted models of classic monsters.

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Such as the models. Using my definition above, these are probably the most accurate amplifiers in the world, with unequalled speed, linearity and purity. They are a little more accurate than the Frankenstein but, in relative terms, they are much further behind in Completeness. I'm not sure where the Claytons stand in Completeness, but the Spectral and Halcro are not even competitive with the PPP models listed above, let alone the even better DHT models, and particularly the SET Frankenstein. Their PDC is also high though, almost 100.

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Two good examples are the and the . Both are outstanding performers and "references" on this website, but they can't equal the Frankenstein, at its best, in either Accuracy or Completeness. The performance gap between the Frankenstein and these amplifiers is maybe twice the size of the GTA/Frankenstein gap discussed above. However, these (more powerful) models should have a higher PDC, so they should be "at their best" with more speakers. At this point, I know of no actual comparisons, but in theory...

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Explanation- This is a picture of the inside of one of my Frankenstein amplifiers, completely stock and without any modifications. Also...