A violence that begets more violence.

Where are the 12 experts?

Eric and I just sit here and shake our heads.

It's so obvious why pitchers are injuring their elbows.

We have come from different angles to get people to see the light with very little success.

The ignorance is beyond my reckoning.

I can only determine that somehow, money is behind the willful ignorance.

Performing surgery, evidently, is very lucrative.

(And for those who utter "Violence begets ..

Violence begets violence…usually
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in case you didn’t know) Violence begets violence

Cleveland and his teammates aren’t thinking about injury during preseason, they’re thinking about the competition and prospects of the new season ahead.

the need to wear a helmet to prevent head injuries …

17, so still a month away from when pitchers and catchers report;
b) it was still over four MPH faster than any throw in the Majors this year; and
c) it's still 110 mph!

Plenty to dream on there Sox fans.


     The only way that Michael Kopech is able to add 12 mph is to rotate the hips and shoulders over his glove foot.


0033.  Tommy John: Baseball, parents have wrong when it comes to preventing arm injuries
Hartford Courant
January 17, 2017

Former Yankees pitcher Tommy John sees how Major League hurlers are reined in today, often having seasons or important games cut short as preventative measures against arm injuries.

He envisions how that sort of innings limit scenario would be a flashpoint instead of a solution for him.

"If they would have told me that, I would have had a fist-fight with my manager," John, the former manager of the Bridgeport Bluefish, said recently.

Remember violence begets more violence and his provoking your son I am sure ..
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Vanderbilt football player Brandon Vandenburg ROLLS …

Wilson didn't throw a single pitch due to shoulder issues; Tyler Skaggs didn't return to the mound until July following a nearly two-year absence from Tommy John surgery; and Matt Shoemaker underwent emergency brain surgery in September after being hit in the head with a line drive.

All told, the Angels deployed a total of 15 starters who combined to post a 4.60 ERA, which ranked 20th in the Majors.

The injuries also extended to the club's bullpen.

Mark Duggan lawful killing verdict sees violence break …

"I'd go, but, if not, I'll just stay here."

Relief pitcher Carson Smith, still working his way back from the Tommy John surgery he underwent last season, took part in fielding drills but will not throw off a bullpen until around March 10, Farrell said.


     Until baseball pitchers stand tall and rotate their hips and shoulders forward together over their Front foot, these baseball pitchers will continue to unnecessaryly twist the Rear foot.


0074.  Tillman on shoulder rehab: 'I want to do it right, I'm not going to rush it'
Baltimore Sun
February 15, 2017

Chris Tillman entered the offseason hoping the right shoulder injury that resulted in a rare trip to the disabled list for three weeks late last season was behind him.

love hurts? - Truth about Domestic Violence:

With playing three-game series instead of series featuring four games, the Bulldogs are in better shape to fill innings, but the headaches remain.

With Riley Self out last weekend with an arm issue and Ryan Rigby battling a groin injury this season, the juggling act became even more difficult.

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My team of researchers at the University of Florida is looking for ways to prevent arm injuries.

Too many pitches during games a possible factor

The majority of injuries in overhead throwers occur in the throwing arm.

For the latest updates from Charlotte, head here

"Good to go."


     To prevent shoulder injuries, Dallas Keuchel needs to turn the back of his upper arm to face toward home plate and rotate his hips and shoulders forward together over his glove foot.


0022.  McCullers preparing for 2017 through 'normal offseason'
San Antonio News-Light
January 10, 2017

Despite finishing last season on the disabled list because of an elbow sprain, Astros righthander Lance McCullers on Tuesday described his current training regimen as that of a typical offseason.

McCullers said he began his throwing program about three weeks ago.