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I know Carole Morrison (the lady in Food, Inc.) personally. I would like to know where the information about her “piss poor managemnt” came from? Just prior to getting her contract cancelled she had just recieved an award to Outstanding Producer. Did you know that? They pulled her contract due to the fact she wouldn’t do their demanded upgrades (new equipment that is required to keep a farmer in debt…you will never see a benefit analysis come with these magic bullets).. And if you have any business savvy at all why should she? She was already top producer competing with houses that were newer and older houses that were upgraded to the latest fad. For her to do that and go back in debt with 23 year old houses would be stupid..and she is far from that. So don’t speak of something you know nothing about.

When it comes to food packaging, what we don't know could hurt us

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Debbie, The debeaking thing was a good one I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I have never had a chicken that was debeaked, although I know that some do this. It is not only done in the factory farms though, there are a lot of people who do it even in out side yards because some species of chickens and other birds are bad about pecking each other regardless of being penned or out in the open. A weak bird will always get picked on. Debeaking does no harm what so ever to the bird. It can eat, drink, and carry on life completely normal. Only the tip end of the beak is snipped.
The proof you can contradict what I said earlier is a joke! I know where you get your information from. It is exatly like getting your information about drugs from a drug company. They manufacture those drugs for a profit and claim they will cure anything. But the truth is they kill vast numbers of people. If you want to know about drugs you dont look at the drug companies rescearch you look at private rescearch. The same holds true for this. You dont go to PETA or the Humane Society for unbiased information most of what they publish is a bunch of bull. The same holds true for the food companies also, look for private unbiased information.
If you will do this you will get a complete different story.
I will agree there are exceptions where animals are mistreated .
The show yall love so dearly “Food Inc” was one of the biggest jokes I believe I have ever seen. You talk about being biased and pushing an agenda Peta and the Humane Society did a number on that one!!!
There was a big deal made about the lady with the Perdue houses.
Perdue did not own those houses, that lady did. You better believe Perdue pulled her contract though. Any of the companies would have. She was so stupid she did not realize she was making an ass out of herself. Those houses were her responsibility to keep up and manage right. She was mistreating those birds and needed shutting down and the company did just that. None of the companies will tolerate piss poor management like that. I have saw it happen to someone I new. You cannot judge a whole industry by a couple of idiots like that lady!!! And yes the INDUSTRY STANDARD is pretty dadgum good.
I could care less what you or anyone else thinks about so-called FACTORY FARMING. The industry as a whole does a pretty dang good job with the exception of a few idiots.
Believe it or not all these animals were put here by God for our use. And yes we are suppose to be good stewards of what He has given us.
We would all be better off if we would devote out time to trying to stop things like the COLD-HEARTED murder of our children through the disguise of a word they call abortion instead of something as frivilous as one of PETA’s and the Humane Societies agenda.
Oh yea I almost forgot, If you think chickens dont like to be crowded go to a commercial chicken house sometime and throw one outside, it will run up and down the side of the house trying to get back in. On (2) different occations the back door came open on one of our houses and was open for a few hours and not one chicken went out. They have it make in there and they know it!!!

When It Comes To Food Packaging, What We Don't Know …

Reservoirs or wells would be contaminated orfood poisoned with an effect similar to that resulting from inhalation of dust or smoke.”

In other words, the US Military has known since 1943 precisely what it was doing with regard to the life-destroying use of aerosolized uranium.


The more I research this subject, the more horrified I am by the shear evil of the political, military, and scientific leadership, and what they arewilling to do to their own populations.

I started to research site 300 because in the last 24 hours (18 October 2014) a poster reported a high radioactive Isotope detections in an air filterdownwind of site 300.

When It Comes To Food Packaging, What We Don't ..
When it comes to food packaging, what we don’t know …

When it comes to food packaging, what we don’t ..

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