1. What is the adjustment factor for midflame winds at this location?

It is impossible to charge up again on thespot, and the result is that once the flame stops the whole game isfinished and the operators are at our mercy.

2. What is the midflame windspeed?

Thisworked very well.Another consideration was the strength of the wind.

the wind was too lightand variable.

The correct answer is a, 9 mph. Multiply the 20-foot windspeed, 18 mph, by the adjustment factor 0.5. Note that the midflame windspeed should always be less than the 20-foot windspeed.

To put the wind up the boche, of course.

The statement was "passed forinformation for what it is worth." And as nobody ever believed anythingthat appeared in Comic Cuts in any case, we were not disposed to getthe wind up about it.

Then the flames stopped and machine guns began totake toll of the fugitives.

8.1 Flame Height; 8.2 Midflame Windspeed; ..

Yet Germany still has special troops trained in the use of liquid fire,and seeks continually to alter and develop the fire weapons and theirtactical employment in order to take advantage of the undoubtedlyterrible appearance and destructive power of the high temperatureflames which can be emitted.

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All that the men knew was that they seemed surrounded byfierce curling flames which were accompanied by a loud roaring noiseand dense clouds of black smoke.

The ability to use the air/wind to slice objects

Later on the eyes inflame and get very sore, the lids swelland blister, but no permanent injury to the eyes takes place, thoughthe victim may be temporarily blinded.

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A few yards farther onthey passed through the support line, which happened to be fairly freefrom gas, and here they were met by jeers from some of the supportingtroops who shouted " Hello, got the wind up!" and in this way inducedthe corporal, really against his better judgment, to order masks off.

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Imagine being faced by a spread of flame exactly similar to that usedfor the oil burners under the biggest boilers, but with a jet nearlysixty feet in length and capable of being sprayed round as one mightspray water with a fire hose.

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Incidentally, we capturedtwo of the German flame projectors, one of them complete, and theyproved to be of the greatest possible use to, us subsequently foreducating the army in the new warfare, and for inspection byour own experts with a view to their duplication for retaliation.

Any one attempting to blame the troops attacked for their retirementcan hardly appreciate the circumstances, and, I am convinced,over-estimates his own capacity for resistance.

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These cylinders are actually taken intothe trenches and the flame projectors charged from them there.

The combustible liquid used in the flame throwers has varied in sourceand composition from time to time, but it invariably has onecharacteristic which appears to be essential for good results-it musthave light or easily volatile and heavy and less volatile fractionsmixed in carefully graded proportions.