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Monkey Fitness – Fitness for Kids has been well-received by the most important critics (your kids). These kids dance songs revolve around 2 monkeys: Nygel and Nikki. Watch, sing, and dance along below.

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A wearable fitness bracelet is a cool ‘toy’ for kids to embrace, and is the perfect answer to fuse the latest technological developments toward a fitness-minded culture. Having your kid wear a Fitbit or Kid Power Band is one way to gamify the fitness experience, thereby making it interesting for kids. A fitness bracelet will likely increase the motivation for your kid to get more active.

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One of the major issues for parents is motivating their kids. As we linked to in the top of this article, the abundance of technology (which we’ll touch on in the next paragraph) is ironically hurting kids in their pursuit of being active and fitness. With tons of video games, app games, TV shows, movies, and many other reasons to never leave one’s house, a kid can sit in front of a screen all day long! That is why it is important to utilize technology to get kids going, and to show them the benefits.

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However, if you have a kid who is 13 years or older, then they may want to check out the Fitbit zip, which we suppose can be considered a Fitbit for kids and/or teenagers. The Fitbit Zip makes sense for kids and teens because it is rugged and can withstand a lot of physical impact that many sports playing kids and teens will do. Also, this model utilizes social communication between friends and family for some healthy competition, and in the age of social media, kids and teens will definitely enjoy this Fitbit for kids style activity fitness tracker. Other Fitbits that may be popular among kids are the Flex 2 and Blaze, both of which are strong, tough, and comfortable wearables for kids.

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Whether you are deciding what Fitbit your kid should wear, or what fitness tracker app is best and most fun for your kid to use, it is important and helpful to embrace this newfound technology. The notion of fitness tracking for kids is a new one, but one that is slowly being embraced by parents, teens, and even kids these days.

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This particular kids fitness tracker is less known and has more to do with the health space, but it is interesting nonetheless for anyone looking for a kids’ bracelet to monitor physical activity. In addition to the basic fitness tracker specs such as time display and foot count, it also has a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and calorie burning counting. This tracker also offers email and phone connectivity to inform you if you receive an SMS or phone call.

Monkey Fitness – Fitness for Kids has been well-received by the most important critics (your kids)

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There is also an app which lets parents control the settings, which is a bit more interesting than you would think: the parental controls here will let parents force their kids to do chores! As from their site: (The app offers) fun and educational mobile adventures for kids and chore/behavior management for parents.

Download a printable PDF of the AHA Recommendations for Physical Activity in Kids infographic; Family Fitness; This content was last reviewed on 03/22/2013.

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Technology has society and is a prominent aspect in most kids’ lives. Of course, that doesn’t mean all is for naught: the fitness tracking industry, especially for kids, has taken off. With all the improvements in technology lately, whether it’s with virtual reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or robotic and drove advancements, we’re expecting bigger and better things from the kids fitness tracking industry in the coming years.