He is a survivor of the Holocaust.

Despite these interpretations, Deodato has said in interviews that he had no intentions in but to make a film about cannibals. Actor asserts this as well and believes that Deodato only uses his films to "put on a show." Robert Kerman contradicts these assertions, however, stating that Deodato did tell him of political concerns involving the media in the making of this film.

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TEXT ON SCREEN:Aftermath of World War I and the Rise of Nazism, 1918-1933

22. The Holocaust was the worst episode of prejudice against Jews.

Reading Anne's thoughts about her family, career, adults, boys, her own sexuality, her dreams for the future, and the horror of events in the world outside, encourages adolescents to think about those issues in their own lives.

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The title refers to the tree-lined walk at Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial honoring righteous Gentiles who saved Jewish lives. There are interviews with men and women who sacrificed for others, and with some of the people they saved.

Anne's father, Otto Frank, was the only resident of the "Secret Annex" to survive the Holocaust.

The Holocaust darkened the world’s view of humanity and our future

The Italian screenwriter wrote the script. He had collaborated with Deodato in his previous film, , and had written other horror films. Changes from Clerici's original screenplay included certain characters' names in the American film crew. Clerici wrote several scenes that did not make the film's final cut. One was said to show a group of Yanomamo cutting off the leg of a Shamatari warrior and feeding him to piranha in the river. The underwater camera did not operate properly and the piranha were difficult to control, so Deodato reportedly dropped the scene. Still photographs taken during the scene are its only known depiction. The "Piranha Scene" is a popular topic amongst fans of the film.

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The new government’s first targets were political opponents. Under the emergency decree, they could be terrorized, beaten and held indefinitely. Leaders of trade unions and opposition parties were arrested. German authorities sent thousands, including leftist members of Parliament, to newly established concentration camps. Despite Nazi terror and brutal suppression of their opponents, many German citizens willingly accepted or actively supported these extreme measures in favor of order and security. Many Germans felt a new hope and confidence in the future of their country with the prospect of a bold, young charismatic leader. Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels planned to win over those who were still unconvinced.

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These words crackled in the headphones of crystal sets around the country in 1921 as the University of Wisconsin radio station 9XM began its regular schedule of voice broadcasts. Randall Davidson provides the first comprehensive history of the University of Wisconsin radio station, WHA; affiliated state-owned station, WLBL; and the post-World War II FM stations that are the backbone of the network now known as Wisconsin Public Radio. describes how, with homemade equipment and ideas developed from scratch, 9XM endured many struggles and became a tangible example of "the Wisconsin Idea," bringing the educational riches of the university to all the state's residents. From the beginning, those involved with the radio station felt it should provide a service for the practical use of Wisconsin citizens.
The book's informative chapters cover the programs that allowed the medium of radio to benefit farmers and homemakers, to bring world-class educators into isolated rural schoolrooms, and to teach people all over Wisconsin everything from literature to history to touch-typing, long before anyone came up with the term "distance learning." Davidson concludes by discussing the claim that WHA has to the title "Oldest Station in the Nation." This groundbreaking book is based on archival materials dating back to the 1900s and includes dozens of historic photos and illustrations, many of which have never been published before.