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Ma" at the end of "Easy Rider" because he no ..

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the 14 May 1969 Var review called Easy Rider a “perceptive film” with a “literate ..

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“Easy Rider” introduced much of its audience, if not Mr. Hopper, to cocaine, and the film’s success accelerated a period of intense drug and alcohol use that Mr. Hopper later said nearly killed him and turned him into a professional pariah.

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Then, with the success of "Easy Rider," it seems, everything has changed. Critics found meaning for the masses in rock music, the revenues of the records demanded attention, rock became an art form of sorts, and as such, it made Statements. Something that makes Statements has many uses: rock became a problem-solver. We take this song, and while it's on, we shoot a fancy mood bridge, or put this song against that scene, and...

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It gets too confusing. Dylan refused to let Peter Fonda use "It's All Right, Ma" at the end of "Easy Rider" because he no longer felt that way, but the Band, hyped by many as Dylan's successors and rock's guardians of Integrity, apparently offered to write all the music for "Easy Rider" after seeing the film. Joni Mitchell stood in a snowy graveyard and eulogized a smackhead in "Alice's Restaurant" and everybody knows that's not where her head is supposed to be. Even the Beatles - or someone at Apple - gave Stuart Hagmann ("The Strawberry Statement") permission to film an auditorium full of kids getting gassed and beaten by the pigs while they're chanting John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance."