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Our innocent daily ritual can turn into an addiction for some because many do not realize that caffeine is even a drug let alone the effects it can have on their bodies.

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With this scientists around the world are fighting to beat these addictions.

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Oat straw tea is good when fighting all addictions especially smoking and nicotine withdrawal. A study conducted in 1971 shows that a tincture made from fresh oats can help people stop smoking. Another remedy for nicotine addition is essential oil of black peppercorn. Inhale the vapors when the urge to smoke strikes but do not take internally.

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Siberian ginseng helps fight cocaine and opiate addiction although should not be used in cases of hypoglycemia, high-blood pressure, or a heart disorder. Valerian root has a calming effect and when used with the amino-acid tyrosine can be helpful for those undergoing opiate withdrawals.

Struggle suggests resistance and the problem with caffeine is that it didn’t put up a fight.
The most consumed sources of caffeine are coffee and tea, and it [caffeine] can be harmful on your health, as well as addictive....

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Caffeine addiction is often born out of habit, so therefore don't slip back into the …

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but with considerably less drama fueled by one of the main characters’ addiction to caffeine pills

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