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The way the office is set up is one form of meta-communication that is likely to have a significant impact on the power relationships between therapists and clients. Following is a list of office arrangements and office decor that are likely to enhance therapists expert and positional or role power.

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What we are offered is a multiplicity of feminist and psychotherapeutic narratives...

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Plath and Sexton's lifetimes spanned a period of remarkable change in the social role of women in America, and both are obviously feminist poets caught somewhere between the submissive pasts of their mothers and the liberated futures awaiting their daughters....

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There is a lot of misinterpretation and ignorance on the feminism cause, but it is there to remain and fight against the rights and comfort of women in the society.

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Richard Powers employs this standard for female characters in his novel, Galatea 2.2, made evident through the application of the feminist approach and the dialogical method; however, its semi-autobiographical nature blurs t...

studies became the basis for a critique of past assumptions ..

“All propositions are of equal value” (TLP 6.4)—thatcould also be the fundamental thought of the book. For it employs ameasure of the value of propositions that is done by logic and thenotion of limits. It is here, however, with the constraints on thevalue of propositions, that the tension in the Tractatus ismost strongly felt. It becomes clear that the notions used by theTractatus—the logical-philosophical notions—donot belong to the world and hence cannot be used to express anythingmeaningful. Since language, thought and the world, are all isomorphic,any attempt to say in logic (i.e., in language) “this and this thereis in the world, that there is not” is doomed to be a failure, sinceit would mean that logic has got outside the limits of the world,i.e. of itself. That is to say, the Tractatus has gone overits own limits, and stands in danger of being nonsensical.

A Feminist Critique of Solution Focused Therapy

Psychoanalytic literature on power has focused extensively on the relationships between transference and power. The power differential argument is often based on the psychoanalytic construct of transference. According to traditional analytic literature, client transference and projection results in viewing the therapist as having unrealistic, immense power and, therefore, rendering the client powerless and vulnerable. Following are a few quotes from analytic literature on the construct of transference and power in analysis.

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"The sequelae (of therapist-patient sexual involvement) bear certain similarities both to Rape Response Syndrome and to reaction to incest and other forms of child sexual abuse . . . The shared similarities of therapist-patient sex, rape, and child sex abuse present a variety of scientific, clinical, and practical dilemmas to researchers and therapists." (Sonne & Pope, 1991, p. 175)

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The discussion of transference and its relationship to power has not been limited to analytic literature. Many non-analytic scholars subscribe to the idea of the importance of transference. Following is an example from feminist scholars who refer to the important link between transference and power.

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In an article titled “Classical Drag: The Greek Creation of Female Parts,” Sue Ellen Case states that because “traditional scholarship has focused on evidence related to written texts, the absence of women playwrights became central to early feminist investigations” (132).