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Murphy was personable, friendly, hardworking, and capable. He operated heavy equipment, drove trucks, was a mechanic and would work as a laborer if need be. "He was a Jack-of-a-lot-of trades and a master of a helluva a lot of them. He endeared himself to me because of his ability and because he was a good guy," Schnabel said.

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An Open Letter To My Hard-Working Father

Michael Murphy was born April 18, 1958 in Roundup, MT to Dan and Donna Mayson. He was later adopted by his mother's second husband, Herb Murphy. He left South Fork High in Miranda, California his senior year to join the Army with a friend. He was stationed in Hawaii for 2 1/2 years and earned his GED in the military. Upon discharge he headed to Alaska to work with his father. Mike and Herb ran trucks between Haines and Deadhorse in the pipeline years. He married Donna Willard of Haines on Feb. 28, 1986. The marriage ended in divorce.

You're a great man, father, and worker

For the majority of those working years Murphy was a single dad rearing son Corey and daughter Tiffany, while working out of town on construction projects. "My dad was a workaholic," Tiffany said. "That's all he ever knew. He worked so hard so we could have nice things, and that made him happy."

Another avenue that sparked my interest in Social Work was a classmate’s father, who was a Social Worker for the county....
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Light work for my father in law former electrician and hard worker

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