Penny Severns Family Literacy Program

Penny Severns Family Literacy grant informational webinars are recommended for all Secretary of State funded Penny Severns Family Literacy grantees or any agency interested in applying for the program.

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Family Services Greater Vancouver

Our work is based on the belief that all people, and all families, have strengths. This is a core principle of an empowerment-based family support model currently being taught by the Connecticut Family Development Institute to help families achieve healthy self-reliance and interdependence with their communities. We helps each family to assess their needs and strengths and works in partnership with families to help them set and reach goals, learn and practice skills and feel better prepared to meet future challenges.Family Centered Services of CT (Family CT) is committed to creating and sustaining a culture of equity and inclusivity that promotes the development of each individual regardless of race, ethnicity or cultural background, language proficiency, literacy, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, physical abilities, socioeconomic status, education or life experiences. We respect and value each person’s unique strengths, differences, characteristics and contributions, and recognize that this diversity enriches our perspective, fosters collaboration, nurtures the talents and skills of each individual and contributes to the growth of our agency. We believe that everyone shares responsibility for promoting an inclusive work environment, challenging inequalities and respecting the diversity and dignity of each employee, client and partner as we work to achieve our vision of a world of healthy families where children grow up to be confident and caring adults and contributing members of their community.

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Any additional participating agencies in the literacy project must attach a statement detailing their significant responsibilities to the literacy project. Each letter should describe their cooperation, coordination, and services to the project and include the signatures of organization representatives.

Services — Alameda County Family Justice Center

Taber and District Community Adult Learning Association, in partnership with the Family Centre Lethbridge, Barons-Eureka-Warner, and Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) offer programs in a variety of locations for families to expand their literacy skills.

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Our agency is also the only provider of adult basic literacy (non-readers to 7th grade level) for English speaking adults. The need for literacy was demonstrated through workforce testing conducted at two manufacturing plants which found that, out of 1,000 applicants, 26% read between 4th and 7th grade level and 25% below a 4th grade level. Our agency has found success in providing individualized tutoring in English using volunteers, and in providing ESL classes in the neighborhoods most in need of services.

Parenting and Family Literacy Centres

A partnership with Community Services Agency is formed to provide literacy and pre-GED services for customers on Welfare to Work grants. This leads to 17 years of expansion of services to include GED (now known as High School Equivalency) preparation in five locations and Adult Basic Education in one location.

Adult Basic and Family Literacy Education

Grant projects provide integrated, intensive instruction to improve the basic reading, writing skills, math or English language proficiency of parents and children together. Services include adult education, child education, parenting education, literacy-based, interactive, parent-child activities and library services.