but one that sticks out is a movie called Lilo and Stitch

It was a block party and as such wasn’t going to get very wild, but it was still fun getting a chance to get a bit closer and even touch a neighbour you might have been watching over th....
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"Lilo And Stitch" Was The Most REAL Disney Movie Of All …

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SAN DIEGO — The story of environmental artist Wyland’s attempt to paint a three-acre interpretation of the planet earth in a 24-hour span for Earth Day has won Best Film in the San Diego Filmmaker Series at the 2009 San Diego Film Festival, festival organizers announced on Saturday.

What does "Lilo and Stitch" say about family

The Japanese government was filling in part of the bay to accommodate the growing population of the city. This was having a negative impact on fish populations. I completed the mural featuring two life size sperm whales as part of an effort to raise about issues regarding Tokyo Bay and Japan’s continued hunting of whales. Afterwards, I was invited to the Whaling Town of Taiji to meet with city officials and discuss the possibility of painting a Whaling Wall in Taiji, “The City of Whales.” Having met with the mayor and other city officials, I had hoped to raise the issues of commercial whaling. I discussed the idea of Taiji transforming from a whale hunting city to a whale watching city. They were receptive, but non-commital. I agreed to return in the future and paint a life-size portrait of a right whale and calf on Taiji’s historic whaling museum. I felt that art could play an important role in teaching the people of Taiji, as it had in other communities, to appreciate the living whales. Through art and science, I had always hoped to inspire a change in the paradigm from whale killing to whale appreciation. I knew this was going to be a great challenge in Taiji and felt their resistance, but there was a strong support from the young people in the area who had experienced the thrill of whale watching excursions in Hawaii and other destinations. Slowly, the general public was becoming sensitized to the importance of these whales, dolphins, and other cetaceans to humanity.

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Several critics used their reviews to discuss Spielberg and analyze what the movie signified in his development as a filmmaker. Andrew O'Hehir of the online magazine expressed excitement over the atypically hard edge of the movie. "Little Steven Spielberg is all grown up now...into of all things a superior film artist...It's too early to know whether , on the heels of , marks a brief detour in Spielberg's career or a permanent change of course, but either way it's a dark and dazzling spectacle." of the said it is "the most entertaining, least pretentious genre movie Steven Spielberg has made in the decade since ." Randy Shulman of said that "the movie is a huge leap forward for the director, who moves once and for all into the world of adult movie making." called the film a "masterpiece" and said that when most directors of the period were putting "their trust in technology", Spielberg had already mastered it, and was emphasizing "story and character" while merely using technology as a "workman uses his tools". David Edelstein of echoed the positive sentiments, saying "[i]t has been a long time since a Spielberg film felt so nimble, so unfettered, so free of self-cannibalizing." , then of the , was less convinced. Though he approved of the movie, he derided it in his review as a superficial action film, cautioning audiences to enjoy the movie, but not "be conned into thinking that some sort of serious, thoughtful statement is being delivered along with the roller-coaster ride."

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On February 10, 2010, Wyland, along with a 57-member team of explorers from 18 countries, will meet in Ushuaia, Argentina – the world’s southernmost city – to embark on a benchmark expedition to Antarctica. Convened by an Australian project director Michael AW of the Ocean Geographic Society, the team is comprised of some of the world’s most celebrated image-makers, historians, and scientists, including several Singapore residents. Their mission is to scout, record, and analyze this pristine land of ice and snow –and to create a visual library of the impact of climate change on this remote region.

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The structure of Lilo's family is not ideal.
--> no parental guidance
--> raised by her sister
--> has no motherly figure
--> Nani plays the disciplinary role
What is the purpose of family?
stick together
offer unconditional love
provide support and protection
accept each other
Although the children's movie "Lilo and Stitch" doesn't portray an idealistic image of family, it does give a positive depiction of the purpose of family.